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1973 AC Cobra by Roadcraft

Southern Roadcraft were formed in 1984 and throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s they built an enviable relationship for quality products based on superior engineering, ease of assembly and outstanding value. The Southern Roadcraft and their products were sold worldwide through and international dealer network covering the UK, USA, Sweden, Germany and Holland.

The chassis for the Southern Roadcraft was designed exclusively to accept Jaguar independent front and rear suspension and final drive. Engines to include the Jaguar V12 and the Rover, Chevrolet and Ford V8  were offered and this particular example boasts a 5.7 Chevrolet high output engine with 4 barrel carb producing a reported 400 BHP.

This example was professionally built in 1996 and has been detailed and finished close to an original Cobra including badges, wheels, gauges etc. The Cobra recreation only has a mileage of 12500 and has been used for many years as a show car winning prizes according to the history file.  Between 2003 and 2009 it covered just 3000 miles, spending most of this period at events and shows. The car is quite simply exceptional with top class paintwork, a stunning upholstery and the engine has been dressed with lots of chrome parts and braided hoses. The car is most certainly of show standard and has arrived with us in exceptional condition throughout boasting five speed gearbox, Halibrand wheels with BF Goodrich tyres, wet weather equipment, stainless steel side exhausts and full stainless roll bar. 

Price: £SOLD