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1977 Alfa Romeo Giulia Nuova Super 1300

The Alfa Romeo Giulia (Type 105) is a sports saloon that was in production from 1962 to 1978. Alfa Romeo was one of the first manufacturers to put a powerful engine in a light-weight car for mainstream production. The Giulia weighed about 1,000 kilograms and the car was equipped with a light alloy twin overhead camshaft four-cylinder engine, similar to that of the earlier Giulietta models range. Engine capacities offered were 1290cc or 1570cc and the example we are offering is the 1290cc. Various configurations of carburettors and tuning produced power outputs from about 80 to about 110 bhp and almost all Giulias made had a 5-speed manual transmission.

Giulias were noted for their lively performance among saloons of that era, especially considering the modest engine size. The styling was quite straight forward, but with a great amount of detail. The engine bay and boot were all square shaped and the grill, the rooflines and details on the bonnet and boot made for an integrated design from bumper to bumper. Thanks to Alfa Romeo using a wind tunnel during its development, the Giulia was very aerodynamic with a drag coefficient of Cd=0.34, which was particularly low for a saloon of the era.

IHZ 3132 is superbly presented and finished in Magenta with complementary Nero hide. This left hand drive example is in outstanding condition and drove to us faultlessly over 200 miles from Gloucestershire. The Alfa only arrived in the UK in early 2017 and has had light expenditure to ensure its ready to use and enjoy. Recent invoices include a new speedo cable, new oil pressure sender unit and £2300 was spent with Ferrari Specialist having work to include setting up the carbs, new front and rear brake pads, new front caliper, new heater hoses, fresh engine and gearbox oil, new filter. new spark plugs and replacement V belt. Since arriving in the UK the Alfa has had the front doors and boot lid removed, any corrosion removed and new metal work let in. The car was then nicely painted and today presents in lovely condition. The Alfa is great to drive with a superb strong, gorgeous sounding twin cam engine, excellent five speed gearbox and its 200 mile plus trip from Gloucestershire gives confidence in the mechanical strength of the car. IHZ  3132 presents very well with lovely paintwork, straight panels and has an impressive largely original interior.

Paperwork with the car also includes the original service booklet stamped by the Alfa Romeo supplying dealer in Roma, this also documents the cars first two services at 800km's and 5000. There is also an original handbook, various other Italian documents and invoices for all recent expenditure.

Price: £SOLD