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1948 Alvis TA 14 DHC

This very attractive Alvis has come to us from Northern Ireland with buff logbook, original handbook, a collection of MOT's and pages of notes relating to a top quality restoration during the 1990's.

This exceptional Alvis still stands out with stunning bodywork and gleaming paint, a real credit to the restorer of around fifteen years ago. With lovely deep chrome work and a fine contrasting green hood, this Alvis does not look out of place in any show or collection. 

Not only does this rare TA 14 DHC look superb, the drive equally matches its appearance. The brakes and handling are excellent and the gear change is incredibly easy and effortless. The engine runs particuarly well with good oil pressure having being rebuilt in the 1990's.

The interior is wonderfully original and genuine. The upholstery has an honest look to it and although not perfect after over 50 years, it tells a real story of how the car has been treated and well looked after. With such an original upholstery, the recorded mileage of 94000 is very much believable but not guaranteed.

Pleasing to have such a fabulous motor car.


Testimonial from new owner...

"Dear James,Here is a testimonial for your website... I am French classic car collector of many years and I never thought to I would buy an old car in England. I presumed it would be hazardous and too comp..." FULL testimonial here

Price: £SOLD