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1948 Alvis TA14 Saloon

This lovey, usable Alvis TA14 Saloon has nicely aged since a 1990’s restoration. Prior to us selling the car to a York based regular customer in January 2018, the car had been with the same family for over fourteen years and was maintained by Alvis experts Red Triangle. Receipts from Red Triangle dated between 2003 and 2007 total in the region of £3,500 maintenance work and from 2007 to 2017 the Alvis had only occasionally been used. In late 2017 the Alvis was transported to Red Triangle and had just had over £1000 spent on fitting a brand new SU fuel pump, cleaning the fuel lines, fitting a new high torque starter motor and new battery and in our workshops during January 2018 had a further £1,800 spent on rebuilding the steering box, re-conditioning original gauges, new rocker cover gasket, new points and distributor cap.

Whilst in more regular use between 2003 and 2007, the Alvis was often serviced by Red Triangle, plus further work to include fitting new front springs, fitting a re-bushed advance lever and pivot, replacing the throttle control ball joint, replacing the steering drag link, re-lining all brakes, fitting new king pin bushes, front compensator bushes and brake actuator boots. Other work included replacing the N/S and O/S front brake rod gaiters, replacing wiper arms and fitting a new carburettor flexi hose. Since this work minimal mileage has been covered in the car.

The Alvis has a lovely, sweet engine offering excellent performance and very good oil pressure. The engine runs beautifully and on tick over is notably quiet. It has a lovely exhaust note; the gearbox feels tight and the car charges and starts reliably. JYD 890 has 20 year old paintwork with a deep shine, it's far from perfect but does still present well with a nice level of patina and recently has had almost £1000 of chrome work  Having been painted in 1995, we would expect some minor blemishes and imperfections. The interior is delightful having been fully re-trimmed in Bedford Cord. Carpets are of lovely quality; the seats are beautifully trimmed and the headlining is very smart indeed. This Alvis TA 14 Saloon is ideal of shows, regular use and some touring. It will handle longer distances confidently and due to its nicely aged, older restored appearance, it's a car that really can be used, driven and enjoyed all year round. 

Price: £SOLD