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1955 Alvis TC21/100 'Grey Lady' DHC

In 1950 the new 3-litre Alvis debuted at the Geneva Motor Show. Initially launched as the TA21, this new car was available as a saloon or drophead coup, and a sports 2-seater was also available between 1950 and 1953, designated TB21. Between 1953 and 1955, another sporting model was listed, this being the TC21/100 'Grey Lady'. A particularly elegant motor car, most versions were fitted with wire wheels and sported twin air scoops on the bonnet. The twin carburettor engine developed 100bhp, sufficient to propel this high quality motor car to the then-magical 100mph, hence the designation TC21/100.

This is a rare opportunity to acquire a wonderfully uprated TC21/100 Grey Lady with Tickford DHC body. SZ 299 is the ultimate long distance touring Alvis DHC having being subject of a nut and bolt body off rebuild over 1980 and 1981. The body was removed, the chassis completely stripped bare and taken to bare metal. The chassis was then treated and finished with two coats of Black enamel. The restorers upgraded the car fitting a rebuilt Alvis TD21 engine and rear axle unit as they were far better units than the early TC. The engine was stripped, fitted with new big end and main bearings and the crankshaft was re-ground. The engine was treated to new new piston rings, rebuilt cylinder head, new core plugs, timing chain and oil pump. A new clutch was fitted and the original TC gearbox was retained and rebuilt as it had far more character than the Austin box fitted to the later TD. The petrol tank was re-conditioned, new fuel lines were made up, brakes were totally rebuilt and the car was fitted with front discs brakes and servo. The suspension was completely overhauled including all shock absorbers being cleaned, painted and fitted to the chassis with new bushes. The front suspension was fitted with new bearing pins and rubber bushes, new steering pins and bushes and new rubber bushes to the anti roll bars. All new track rod ends were fitted, new hoses fitted, all new heater pipes and the car re-wired using a new loom. The Alvis also boasts various other upgrades to include seat belts, screen washers, spot lamps, mirrors and flashing indicators accompanying the original working semaphores.

The body was stripped to bare metal and rebuilt using new metal as required. New timber was used as necessary and the body re-assembled to the chassis with new pads and bolts. The body was fully re-painted and various new glass was fitted. A new hood was fitted, new carpets fitted to the floor and lower door cards and new under felt fitted. The lovely original Tan leather seats were cleaned and nicely preserved, as were the door cards. The woodwork was treated and polished and external chrome work re-plated. On completion the cars London based owner had a stunning, fully rebuilt Alvis DHC capable of long distance touring and a car capable of over 100 mph and 0-60mph in 15 seconds. Photographs showing the body removed from the chassis are with the car, along with a detailed invoice for all parts used in the restoration and report from the restores. The Alvis also comes with service records dating back to the 1960's and retains its original tools, two sets of keys and various manuals.

Many years on since restoration and this car is still truly outstanding to drive. The car steers and handles superbly, brakes are much sharper than original and the strong engine holds makers oil pressure. The four speed gearbox is a delight to use, the car is relaxed and comfortable at 70mph and is vastly superior to the standard example. From the strong condition, it is clear the car has not covered major mileage since restoration and from the lovely original seats, it could be suggested the mileage of 85000 is genuine. This is car is wonderful on the road and will be difficult to replicate. Over 30 years on from the rebuild, the car is ready again for paintwork with scuffs and the odd dent evident, a clear indication it has been used over the years. We can confirm the chassis and underside is in exceptional, clean condition having being garaged and well maintained since strip down and restoration. Our plan is to completely re-paint the car once a slot is available and we are happy to discuss options with potential buyers. The Alvis is currently available as it is now for £29,995, or fully painted with re-chromed bumpers and therefore offers an interesting and exciting proposition.


Price: £SOLD