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Price: £99,995

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1964 Alvis TE21 DHC

This wonderful, largely original Alvis TE21 DHC arrives with us having covered just 60,000 miles from new and has been with its last owner for 33 years. JTF 866B was manufactured on the 23rd January 1964 and delivered to Brooklands of Bond Street Limited, London on the 3rd February 1964. The Alvis left the factory in Midnight Blue with Blue leather, Blue carpets and Blue hood and is today is still in its correct colour combination retaining its original leather upholstery.

What is remarkably special is that this Alvis has never required a major restoration and has been kept in strong mechanical condition its entire life. Equally as impressive is the fact the upholstery has been preserved as well as possible so that after 56 years it still looks fabulous. To ensure the car's optimal presercation its owners have ensured regular maintenance was carried out, and they kept a very comprehensive history file with over ninety invoices for various service and maintenance work dating back over 50 years.

Invoices on file total less than £1000 during the late 1970's and 1980's and the most recent owner took ownership in 1987 when the Alvis had covered a genuine mileage of 49,600 miles. In 33 years, the Alvis has covered little over 10,000 miles and has been incredibly well stored and maintained. Remarkably, the maintenance over 33 years totals around £15,000 proving what an incredibly robust, reliable, and durable car this is. Twenty MOT certificates have been kept on file throughout the 33 years of ownership, along with many tax discs showing that whilst the mileage is low, it has been kept on the road for the majority of the time. It has required no major mechanical work, a testament to the quality of its regular servicing and maintenance. The long term owner carried out any work recommended as evidenced by the the detailed service history.

The most significant work carried out on the car was when marque specialists fitted a new main rear oil seal back in 1998, and at the same time fitted a complete new clutch assembly, new stainless exhaust front pipes and silencers, engine mounts, heater hoses, rear springs and bushes as well as checking and setting carburettors. This work totalled £1939.84 over twenty years ago and 4000 miles have been covered since then. From 2016 to 2019 the Alvis wasn't used, and in early 2019 went back to the same marque specialists for around £2000 of recommissioning work to include servicing, a fresh MOT, a new high torque starter motor, propshaft universal joints, brake pistons and cylinders, anti-roll bar bushes and general maintenance of the brakes. The Alvis has covered only nominal mileage since then and has arrived with us in super useable condition.

On initial road test it is clear this is a superbly maintained, high quality gentleman's car. It is glorious on the road, feeling relaxed and long legged. The engine is lusty with exceptionally good oil pressure. The five speed ZF gearbox changes beautifully. The car steers correctly and the brakes pull up straight. There is no doubt why these beautiful Alvis cars are so desirable for long distance touring, it is a truly enjoyable experience being behind the wheel of such a fabulous original car. Furthermore, this a car that's never been dismantled and is so different to a restored car. It feels correct, drives exactly as it should and has that authentic 'original feel about it. JTF 866B presents as a lovely honest motor car with an excellent straight body. The hood is in lovely condition, the original leather still nicely presented, wood dashboard and trim are first class and the carpets which were replaced around 30 years ago are in beautiful condition. The engine bay is indeed very nicely presented, as is the boot compartment. As a largely original, low mileage Alvis TE21 DHC with history, provenance and in good all-round usable condition, this car is surely an unrepeatable find. 

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Price: £99,995