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1966 Alvis TF21 The Fisherman Coupe

There is no doubt this wonderful, completely unique Alvis TF21 is a car of significant interest with true collector’s car provenance. On the 24th May 1966 this Alvis was built with modifications to the customers requirements. The first owner, the Chairman of an Essex based real estate Company was a keen Fisherman and ordered the vehicle with modifications to allow a deeper boot opening and spit folding rear seats to allow fishing rods to be carried in the car. Other modifications included Reutter front seats, a one shot handle for the drivers door window and a wood rimmed steering wheel as per the Aston Martin Motor Show car. The Alvis was delivered new to Henlys Limited, Euston Road, London on the 7th July 1966 finished in Dark Green with Green upholstery.

The Alvis stayed with its first owner for three years and in 1969 the car was sold by Broughton's of Cheltenham to the second owner who was based in South Wales. The Fisherman's Coupe spent 17 years with its South Wales based second owner and in 1986 it was sold having covered almost 78,000 miles from new. In 1986, the Alvis was sold by the Hanley Motor Company (London) Ltd to a Doctor based in Sutherland in the Highlands of Scotland and invoices from the late 1980's show Alvis specialists Red Triangle were maintaining the car on his behalf. In 1990 the owner abandoned the Alvis and moved to Australia having had adverse publicity (Dr Dram story), newspaper articles and correspondence are in the history file. Letters from the Doctor confirm he bought the car in ‘mint' condition having been superbly maintained by its long term South Wales based owner. A year after being abandoned in the Scottish Highlands, the Alvis was purchased by its fourth owner in poor condition, requiring work.

From 1991 to 2001 the Alvis stayed with its fourth owner based in Montrose and the car was subject of significant major work according to notes in the history file. After ten years of ownership the Alvis was sold to the fifth owner near Inverness where it spent just 2 years before selling to the most recent owner in Aberdeenshire in 2003. In fifteen years of ownership, the Fisherman's Coupe as has covered in the region of 35,000 miles and has been superbly maintained by Red Triangle with invoices totalling over £45,000 for mechanical maintenance, servicing and any recommended work required. As expected with his high level of maintenance, the Alvis has arrived with us in top class mechanical order and is splendid to drive. The cars long term owner has clearly enjoyed driving the car, averaging almost 2500 miles per year during his ownership. Work with the most recent owner includes new power steering pump, new power steering hoses and seals, new suspension springs both front and rear, new suspension bushes, new track rod ends, new master cylinder and slave cylinder, new brake discs and pads, new rear brake calipers, new engine and gearbox mountings, new hoses, new stainless steel exhaust system, new temperature gauge, re-conditioned radiator,  new Kenlowe fan, re-conditioned speedometer and rev counter, new speedo cable, clock converted to electric, high torque starter motor, replaced differential nose seal, new core plugs and manifold studs fitted, new fuel lines, replaced throttle linkage, new tyres, new chrome wire wheels, renovated dashboard and new carpets.

PBY 75D is offered for sale in beautiful condition having recently undergone a major programme of bodywork and full re-paint costing in the region of £15,000. The car has been beautifully painted, finished in its correct colour and presents very well with lovely brightwork and chrome wire wheels. The upholstery remains largely original with lovely aged leather offering a good level of patina, carpets were replaced during the most recent keeper's early ownership days and the wood dashboard, steering wheel, gauges and headlining are all in lovely condition. This very special car is wonderful to drive and being the last of the T series Alvis cars, it boasts power steering and the desirable five speed gearbox. The car performs wonderfully, the engine is strong holding very good oil pressure, the gear changes are smooth, steering is lovely, light and the Alvis holds the road perfectly as expected having had so much maintenance and expenditure with marque specialists throughout its most recent 35,000 miles. This is certainly a car for the discerning owner and is a unique opportunity to own a rare piece of Alvis motoring history.

Price: £SOLD