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1973 Austin 1300 MkII Estate

This desirable tax exempt Estate car is becoming increasingly rare. We know the Austin 1300 well having sold it to the previous owner. It originally came to us from a regular customer in North Wales and we were told the recorded mileage of 21,000 was believed to be genuine. To support this, we have MOT certificates from 1982 when the mileage was 17,870. We can also see the interior is original and in excellent condition considering the car is 36 years old.

We know that from 1983 to 1993 the car was stored in a unheated garage, during which time it had deteriorated. At this point, a substantial restoration was carried out with the subframes being removed and the bodyshell being completely stripped of all paint back to bare metal. All corroded sections were then cut away and new panels and sections welded into place. All metal areas were then sprayed with Jenolite rust preventative, followed by several coats of primers before a two coat finish in white. All under body areas were treated and the subframes were shot blasted and coated with Hammerite. All suspension and braking equipment was then overhauled and installed along with subframes. The engine and transmission were then dismantled and overhauled, replacing components as required. 

Today the Austin 1300 remains in very good condition and drives exceptionally well. The engine is very strong and the handling of the car is great. Gear changes are smooth and general driving of the car is enjoyable.

Price: £SOLD