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1962 Austin Healey 3000 MKIIA

This is a very interesting and sought after UK supplied Austin Healey 3000 MKIIA BJ7. The car was kept in original specification until the late 1970’s when it was stripped and rebuilt to a complete Works replica specification for track racing purposes. Modifications included a full flow oil system with oil cooler, lightened flywheel, Limited Slip Differential, competition overdrive, Bendix fuel pump, foam filled fuel tank, competition clutch, 6 branch exhaust manifold, exterior battery cut off, Works specification dynamo and water pump, re-conditioned oil pump, modified brakes (RS2000 discs and calipers), rack and pinion steering and Works hard top.

According to the paperwork in 1984 the car was an Austin Healey Concours winner and with the above modifications and triple 2" SU carburettors on a 190BHP competition engine the car was successfully raced between 1985 and 1990. In the Austin Healey Championships 1986-1989 it finished 3rd place and then 2nd place each year following, driven by Chris Reece and Steve Newman. The car was also 2nd in the 1987 Donald Healey Memorial Race and William Lyons six hour relay race and a year earlier was the Austin Healey Sprint Champion and Norwich Union RAC classic finisher. In the 1990 season the Healey competed in the Jaguar Drivers Club Team Challenge finishing 1st place in race 1 and 2 and recording a new fastest lap record.

Since the 1990's the Healey has been used for general classic car driving, still presenting as a Works replica. Since 1999 the car has been further improved with new starter motor, brake master cylinder, brake shoes, new coolant hoses, alloy rocker cover, steering coupling and rack, re-conditioned brake servo and in 2003 the engine was rebuilt. In 2007 the flywheel was re-furbished but over the past five years the Healey has covered less than 200 miles. Earlier in 2018 the Healey was stripped down and subject of a bare metal re-paint so has arrived presenting very well externally with bright, fresh paintwork.

In 2016 the Healey was inspected by one of the UK's best-known assessors. The car was described mechanically as in working order and the report goes on to confirm the engine unit has undergone a variety of upgrades and modifications and the camshaft and cylinder head have been re-profiled. The oil pressure was recorded at 50psi at working temperature. The transmission was reported to have been overhauled at some time, the clutch heavy in operation due to being a competition type and the LSD works well and the propshaft looks reasonable. The report stated the brake discs look good but calipers are beginning to age, flexi hoses are good and the servo re-conditioned. Front coil springs and wishbone bushes were reported as good, anti-roll bar bushes and track control bushes all look better than reasonable and the front shockers work well. The rear leaf springs were reported as good and the car is fitted with rear Telescopic adjustable shock absorbers. The rear panhard rod assembly and rear suspension bushes looked good and the steering was recorded as being modified to rack and pinion with good bushes and gaiters. The electrical system was described in working order and it was stated the wiring had been replaced at some time but various areas were untidy. The chassis was reported to be in structurally sound order. 

Since this report was carried out the Healey has not really had any use and it will need some light re-commissioning work. The car presents well with the fresh, bright paintwork and the car starts, runs and drives and has clearly covered very little mileage since the engine rebuild. The Healey was MOT tested until June 2018 so will not take much work to be roadworthy. We are offering the car for sale in its current condition, ideal for an enthusiast to take on to the next level. We can also discuss a program of work to be carried out in our workshops but we would like to offer the opportunity to buy this car for a very sensible, attractive price giving the next owner the option of how far to take it in terms of condition. The interior is still from its racing days so is scruffy, some may prefer to keep it this way, other not. The engine bay is relatively untidy but serviceable, the boot area similar so there are so many options with this car. It could have very little work to be used, driven and enjoyed, or could be restored and taken to the very highest of standards. There are so many options with this car and with its UK provenance, racing history and price tag, its sure to create lots of interest.

Price: £SOLD