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1967 Austin Healey 3000 MKIII Phase II BJ8

We last sold this outstanding, matching numbers UK supplied Austin Healey in 2015 and since then it has covered in the region of 2000 miles. Considered by many as the finest and most desirable and sought after of the 3000 range, this car is truly magnificent and does not disappoint in any area. Not only is it presented in wonderful condition having being subject of a highly professional restoration, the car has the provenance of being a genuine RHD UK car still with its original engine fitted and it was supplied new with various options such as overdrive, heater and adjustable steering column.

HJL 307F is a very late car built on the 26-27 September 1967 and despatched on the 28th. We have a Heritage Certificate and original green continuation logbook that tells us that the Healey was in the Almondbury area of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire from at least 1970 to 1976. The Healey was then sold to a North West London Company before moving to Leicestershire.

During the early 1990's HJL 307F was subject of a major body off ground up rebuild to show standard condition. A major part of the programme of work was carried out by a Lincolnshire specialist who documented 532 hours of work. The body was removed and the chassis shot blasted and colour coated. The body was fully restored with new metal as necessary and the engine, gearbox and axle all stripped down, dismantled and rebuilt. Brakes, suspension, hoses etc were all replaced and the car fully reconditioned mechanically, the interior was fully re-trimmed and the hood replaced. Chrome work was all renewed and chrome wire wheels and new tyres fitted. Since rebuild the Healey has covered just 8500 miles and as a result is presented in excellent condition throughout. The underside is outstanding and body colour, the engine bay and boot area are gleaming and the body is stunning with wonderful panel fit and alignment. The Healey is finished with excellent quality paintwork and chrome work that has aged perfectly.

Whilst the Healey was being rebuilt, the speedometer was put back to zero and from September 1992 to 2005 the car covered less than 2000 miles. Since 2005 almost 7000 miles have been covered and we can describe this big Healey as glorious to drive. The car is faultless on the road with outstanding performance and is a truly wonderful driving experience. The car sounds, performs and feels fabulous and running gear is in excellent order. The engine is powerful and runs perfectly on all six cylinders, the oil pressure is excellent, the car runs at correct temperature, the gearbox is as you would expect having been professionally rebuilt- absolutely faultless. The overdrive comes in and out smoothly, the brakes are efficient and the steering and suspension tight, correct and firm. HJL 307F is ready for long distance touring and would be ideal for the continent.

Price: £SOLD