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1964 Austin Healey 3000 MKIII Phase II

This Austin Healey 3000 MKIII Phase II BJ8 was manufactured on the 6-7th August 1964 in RHD for the Home Market. The car was supplied new by London dealership Car Mart Sales Limited with wire wheels, adjustable steering column, laminated windscreen and overdrive. We have the original ‘buff’ logbook that confirms the Healey was first registered to Stewarts & Lloyds Ltd of Park Street, London W1 and the logbook states the vehicle was kept in Northampton. The Austin Healey changed hands for the first time in January 1967 selling to a private owner in Kettering, Northamptonshire and in December of 1967 the car changed hands again heading south to Hampshire. In 1968 the car was sold again heading North to Leicester and between 1969 and 1972 the car changed hands three times all in and around Leicestershire. Having had six owners in eight years, the car then spent 31 years from 1972 to 2003 with one owner and from 2003 to 2018 with just one owner in Leeds meaning the car has now had two owners in the last 46 years.

From the extensive history file we know this matching numbers Healey had covered 64,144 miles by 1972 and having been in regular use throughout the 1970's and early 1980's its long term owner decided to have the car completely rebuilt in 1982 with the mileage at 77534. The car was taken to K & J.B Restorations Limited in Coventry, Austin Healey specialists for a truly top class restoration that was superbly documented with a detailed photographic record. The rebuild was a total bare shell nut and bolt, ground up restoration. The body was taken back to bare metal and totally rebuilt and the shell beautifully prepared and painted inside, outside and underneath. The car was built up with new suspension, brakes, steering system, cooling and fuel system, re-wired, the engine was treated to a gas flowed, polished and ported head, triple SU carburettors and six branch exhaust manifold and was reported to develop around 165bhp. A 3.5 differential was fitted for high speed long distance touring and the car treated to renewed bright work, new wheels, hood and the interior was beautifully re-trimmed to a very high standard.

From rebuild in 1982 to selling the car in 2003 the Healey covered a further 21,000 miles and was kept in outstanding condition. The car was used for long distance touring, shows, events and was in a condition where it would pick up silverware. Since 2003 the car has covered 2,500 miles and has been truly cherished by its long term careful owner. The car has been used in fair weather only and has been a proud weekend car for local trips, shows and events. It has been spent more time in the garage being polished and detailed than out on the road, something we see so often. There is no doubt this is quite a special car. Not only does it come with all maintenance receipts and upkeep since 1972, it has had a superbly documented rebuild and 35 years later its remarkable the car is in such beautiful condition. So many cars rebuilt 35 years are ready for more major work but not this car. It has the wonderful, honest, nicely aged feel to it and it really does not disappoint on the road or in terms of presentation. The condition is testament to its restorer and last two very careful, excellent owners.

The body is lovely and straight with excellent panel gaps, no rust issues and nicely aged deep paintwork. The underside is body colour and superbly presented, as are the inner wheel arches and its clear from the high standards underneath this car has not been given the opportunity to deteriorate in the past 35 years. The paintwork has clearly aged in all this time, but it presents well and has the feel and looks of a superbly well kept and cherished car. The chrome work is superb, the leather upholstery and wood dashboard and first class and the hood is also in excellent order. The engine bay is superbly presented and highly polished, the boot compartment very smart and tidy.

On the road this car is glorious with a quick, fit and healthy engine demonstrating excellent oil pressure, excellent performance and a lovely engine note. It is quicker than the average Healey with the triple carburettors and gas flowed cylinder head ensuring an uprated performance. The four speed gearbox is smooth with excellent syncromesh, the overdrive kicks in smoothly and the brakes are excellent and servo assisted. The Healey handles very well, the electrical system and cooling system are in excellent order and the car is one to be driven and enjoyed with confidence. This car will not disappoint, it has the odd mark and blemish reminding us it is over 50 years old and that it was restored 35 years ago, however the car with a superb body, exceptional underside, stunning trim and excellent strong mechanicals this is a real driver's car and would be ideal for long distance touring. Further to the usability and clearly wonderful workmanship by marque specialists all those years ago, this is a UK matching numbers car with excellent history dating back to new and is most certainly a car for the discerning buyer. We don't find them like this very often.

Price: £SOLD