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1959 Austin Healey 'Frogeye' Sprite

This is a unique opportunity to purchase a truly first class 'Frogeye' Sprite that has just completed a no expense spared, complete nut and bolt restoration. This Sprite MKI was purchased in the US in 2015 and on arrival in the UK was taken to pieces and completely rebuilt from the ground up. The car has been completed over the past few weeks and has so far covered around 70 running in miles. The restorer chose to upgrade specification with a fully rebuilt 1275cc engine and front brake discs that make this is a pretty quick, responsive 'Frogeye' that does stop efficiently.

The car is truly magnificent in every respect and is beautiful in appearance. The body is outstanding with wonderful panel fit and car structurally as new with steel bonnet, straight panels and a wonderful straight underside. The paint finish is first class, chrome work is new, as are the Minilight style wheels. The underbody is painted like the top of the car and is beautifully detailed, just like the engine bay. The condition should be good enough to win shows and events. The upholstery has been superbly trimmed, the hood and frame are brand new and the car also has a new set of sidescreens. The spare wheel compartment is trimmed professionally and has some tools and essentials. The condition is a credit to the restorers, careful detail has gone into this rebuild ensuring a top class finish. A comprehensive photo record and file of invoices accompany the car, along with a Heritage Certificate and paperwork from the U.S.

On the road the car is fabulous. The rebuilt 1275cc engine feels quick, responsive and holds excellent oil pressure. The gearbox is a rebuilt unit, the brakes, suspension and steering are all brand new, as are ancillaries such as starter motor, dynamo, all electrics and exhaust system. This is a car ready to use and enjoy and it can be purchased with confidence having had a long term rebuild carried out to a very high standard. To acheive a bodyshell, panel gaps and both an underside and engine bay like this does take a huge level of careful, time consuming work; this really is something quite special. Please note a set of original steel wheels and correct size tyres are also available. 

Price: £SOLD