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1929 Austin Heavy 12 Windsor Saloon

We are pleased to offer this lovely Austin Heavy 12 Windsor Saloon onto the market. The Austin has come to us in a condition we love to find them in. It has a very original, period look; it has aged nicely with lovely patina and the car is something of a time warp. The Austin came to us from a Coach collector and has been dry stored, on the button and ready to use whenever desired. The car has had recent occasional use and has arrived with us in excellent running order.

The Austin is certainly too good to have never been restored but we would expect it was treated to cosmetics perhaps 25 years ago and it has lasted well. If looking for perfection, this will not be the car, but many pre-war enthusiasts like the aged look and feel and this car with its paint imperfections and odd blemishes and marks just offers so much character and charm. Most would keep the car exactly as it is, some may wish to discuss paintwork options with us but what we have here is a fabulous, honest car that probably looks like it did in the 1950's when 20 to 30 years old. Importantly the body is solid, panels are straight, and the underside is structurally excellent so this is a perfectly usable car that does not need improvement. Any cosmetic improvements would be purely down to the requirements of its next owner.  The interior is clean, presentable and has been untouched for many years. The seats have nicely aged, as have door cards and the headlining is in lovely order having being replaced. The dashboard and instruments appear in good order and the Heavy 12 is large, spacious and luxurious inside.

On the road GU6602 is a true delight with a strong engine holding very good oil pressure. The gearbox changes up and down nicely and the Austin handles and brakes well. The car is on the button, usable and MOT certificates dating back to 1998 suggest the car has been regularly on the road. The car is quite powerful equipped with a 1866cc longstroke engine, its cruises comfortably at 40mph and the car is strong, robust and something to really use and enjoy. 

Price: £SOLD