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1933 Austin Seven PD Two Seat Tourer

The Austin Seven was produced from 1922 to 1939 and proved to be one of the most popular cars built in Britain during the 1920's. Two thousand cars were made in the first year of production and within a few years the "big car in miniature" had wiped out the cycle car industry and transformed the fortunes of Austin. By 1939 when production finally ended, 290,000 cars and vans had been made.

This delightful tourer has had substantial restoration from 1998 to 2002 that included body and paintwork, new hood, a re-conditioned three speed syncro gearbox, rebuilt engine including new pistons, valves, valve springs, rear main bearing, camshaft bearing, oil pump springs, pressure relief valve and clutch springs. The valve seats were recut, grinded and the tappets sets, resulting in a perfectly running engine with a smooth gearbox.

Cosmetically the Austin Seven is very smart and presentable with a good standard of paintwork. The upholstery is clean and tidy and the Austin looks fabulous on the road. The car is great fun to drive and is admired by all.

Price: £SOLD