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1935 Austin Seven Ulster Replica

This beautifully presented Austin Seven Ulster Replica originally to came to us in December 2019 in part exchange for a low mileage Morgan. The Austin Seven was running in having been completely rebuilt to a fabulous standard. Our superbly finished example is a 1935 long wheelbase chassis with a brand new, highly desirable Rod Yates aluminium body. The Austin was rebuilt from the chassis up and has various upgrades to include Bosch distributor, 12-volt electrical system and SU Carb.

When the Austin arrived with us from the Bath area, it had been laid up all winter having been fully rebuilt. We put the Seven through our workshops and carried out some light re-commissioning and fettling that's often required due to lack of use. The dynamo was stripped and cleaned, brake shoes were re-lined due to them braking up, all fluids were replaced, and the Austin was then ready for use. We immediately sold the Austin to a customer in Essex who has now part exchanged the Ulster for a more comfortable 1950's open top sports car.

The Austin has now covered a further 50 miles or so and is running and driving superbly. The engine is spritely, the car sounds fabulous with a lovely exhaust note and the brakes are now keen having had new linings and a clean. The Austin is fabulous fun, holds the road well and looks exceptional with its fantastic brand-new body with beautiful paintwork. The underside is incredibly clean as expected with a beautiful painted chassis. The Austin retains the original 1935 registration mark allocated on the 8th January 1935, we also have an original brown ‘buff' logbook telling us the original car spent many years in the Northampton area before finally coming off the road and being totally rebuilt as an Austin Seven Ulster Special.

Price: £SOLD