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1949 Bentley MKVI Standard Steel Saloon Experimental

This very special MKV1 Bentley was registered on 31st December 1949 and invoiced to Rolls Royce Ltd Derby for the use of their Financial Director, Mr W.Gill. The car was fitted with an early experimental 4.5 litre engine giving the car an EX chassis number. This engine was then changed by Rolls Royce in June 1950 for a new 4.5 litre engine when the speedometer was reading 11,117 miles.

On the 3rd November 1952, the car was sold and stayed with it's new owner until the late 1970's. The Bentley is accompanied by a large box and lever arch file of history that dates back to when the car was new, detailing every invoice and any work ever done on the car. From this exceptional history we can state that the recorded mileage of 50,000 is genuine. The car has a wonderful upholstery with bright polished woodwork, deep red carpets and original beige leather that has been kept in outstanding condition. The bodywork and paint is very presentable but is not without the minor blemish. This is a very rare opportunity to buy a unmolested Experimental MKV1 model with a first class documented history and wonderful original upholstery.

Price: £SOLD