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1952 Bentley MKVI Standard Steel Saloon

PLG 128 was delivered to Cockshoot & Co Ltd, Gt Ducie Street, Manchester on the 30th June 1952 and supplied new to its first owner George H Scholes & Co Ltd in Wythenshawe, Manchester on the 1st July for the use of their Managing Director, P.J Pearce. We have the original brown ‘buff’ logbook confirming the Bentley was registered new PLG 128 and know the car stayed with its first owner for five years, selling to a private owner in Withington, Manchester in 1957. In 1960 the car changed hands for the second time, moving to Congleton, Cheshire and three years later it was with a fourth owner in Sale. The Bentley stayed in Sale for ten years and in 1973 was with its fifth owner in Stockport. PLG 128 stayed with this owner for eleven years and in 1984 the Bentley finally left the North West, heading further north to Edinburgh. One owner in Edinburgh then kept the Bentley for 18 years and in 2002 it was sold to a gentleman in Glenrothes who owned the car until recently.

MOT records covering the past nineteen years show the Bentley has been in light, but regular use. These certificates show the Bentley has covered in the region of 9,000 miles and recent expenditure includes two new Avon tyres, a new rear exhaust silencer and front pipe section, new spark plugs and recent oil change. On the road the MKVI drives well with a smooth engine, the 4566cc engine pulls strongly with impressive power and the four-speed manual gearbox is very good and particularly quiet. The brake pedal is strong with a good servo, the steering feels lovely and the Bentley handles well.

PLG 128 presents well with nicely aged paintwork and impressive recently re-chromed brightwork. Importantly the underside is structurally excellent with a superb chassis and strong sills and floors. The car has not been re-painted for a long time so there are some blemishes and light imperfections but there are no major issues. The interior is very nicely presented with lovely Beige leather, good carpets, headlining and woodwork. The engine bay is clean and well presented, as is the boot compartment. This is a good driving, honest and usable MKVI Bentley. We will be carrying out a service and whilst the brakes feel excellent, we will be servicing and going through the braking system due to a lack of use over the past twelve months. We have extensively road tested the car and it is a reliable, nicely aged example that can be used and enjoyed and further fettled and improved if desired.

Price: £SOLD