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1971 Bristol 411

The Bristol 411 was in production for eight years from 1969 and early example likes this are becoming quite scarce. This is the first Bristol 411 we have had the pleasure of selling in many years and many regard this model as of one of the most desirable of the series.

Since 2012 over £11,000 has been spent on the Bristol and as a result comes to us in exceptional mechanical condition. The Bristol has been checked over in our Malton Coachworks workshop prior to arriving with us and the car requires no mechanical attention. It is ready to use, enjoy and is ideal for long distance touring or regular use. Recent work includes a new radiator, heater tap, six track rod end gaiters, top wishbone bump stops, new power steering belt, new alternator belt, exhaust silencer, new petrol pump, re-conditioned brake servo, new ignition items and extensive servicing.  Since 2011 the Bristol has covered 9,000 miles and now has a recorded mileage of almost 92,000. The car has clearly demonstrated it is capable of regular use and long distance touring and has spent much of the past five years in the London area and more recently York.

HME 85K is outstanding to drive delivering superb performance from its 6277cc big block series Chrysler V8 engine giving an estimated 30% more power than the earlier Bristol cars with the 5211cc V8 engine.  The automatic gearbox is perfectly smooth, the power steering fabulous and brakes and steering feel firm, efficient and top class. HME 85K is a fabulous car to drive and can be used and driven with confidence.  The car presents beautifully with a lovely deep paint finish, fabulous straight body panels, good quality chrome and has a very honest, original and well cared for look. The upholstery is impressive with Black leather seats, good quality carpets, dashboard and headlining. The Bristol has a true feeling of quality and finding genuine, very original examples of the 411 is becoming increasingly difficult. 

Price: £SOLD