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1925 Citroen Cloverleaf

This light French pre-war car has been restored to a beautiful standard. This arguably has to be one of the best available having been fully restored at the cost of around £20,000. This fine example has won shows and is valued by the VSCC at £15,000. The car comes with a comprehensive history file, buff log book and original registration number.

The Citroen drives well with light direct steering, good rear wheel braking and the most superb rebuilt 883cc four cylinder engine. The three speed gearbox is easy to use with double de clutching on gear change and the Cloverleaf starts with electric button or handle if preferred. The upholstery has been trimmed to an excellent standard, full weather equipment comes with the car and the paint work is nicely finished.

A very popular car in Europe, especially France and highly regarded and sought after with boat tail body. 

Price: £SOLD