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1940 Citroen Traction Light 12 De-Luxe

This very rare car is amongst the last of the 5100 Light 12's built at Slough before production ceased in 1940 for the war effort. New the car cost £238 and has spent all it's life in Scotland. The Citroen has spent the majority of its time in Inverness, owned long term by a saddler. In 1991 the Citroen was sold and transported to Perth as a basket case. Over a period of six years the car was totally rebuilt to an excellent standard and major work included an engine rebuild, full brake overhaul, new shock absorbers, new wiring loom, steering work, full body sandblasting, new floor, rear wheel arches, inner and outer sills and new roof gutters. The interior was fully re-trimmed in leather to a top class standard and the car was beautifully finished and detailed and was then driven trouble free to France and Belgium in 1998 for the International Citroen Rally.

The Citroen comes with a compressive history file that includes all restoration records. It also comes with some fascinating history to include a petrol receipt from 1955 and evidence the car was with just one owner between 1955 and 1977. From the history we know the car was off the road from 1969 and not used again until the restoration was completed in the late 1990's. The file also contains a mileage log from being back on the road, showing us the car has covered 22000 miles since restoration.

Today the car presents beautifully with a high quality paint finish, gleaming chrome, smartly painted wheels, stunning upholstery and lovely detail throughout. This Citroen Traction is stunning and ideal for shows, rallies and any collection. Driving the car is quite simply delightful. The car is light to handle, it holds the road perfectly, the engine is smooth, responsive and holds excellent oil pressure. The gear changes are perfect, there is no clutch judder and the whole driving experience is just wonderful. Overall this is an excellent opportunity to purchase a superbly rebuilt, very rare 12 Light Citroen that is ready to use and enjoy.

Price: £SOLD