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1951 Citroen Traction Light 15

This stunning Slough built RHD Citroen Traction Light 15 has been owned by one of our local regular customers since June 2013. The Traction has covered relatively low mileage in recent years but has proven totally reliable covering in region of 600 miles in good weather only.

VSL 138 spent much of the 1990's off the road and was found in a garage in the Elephant & Castle area of South London in 2012. Having spent many years off the road, the car was sold directly to a Citroen Traction specialist who bought the car for personal use. The Citroen was found in sound, solid condition but did require both cosmetic and mechanical work. The engine was totally stripped down and treated to new pistons and bearings and a new timing chain was fitted. The cost of the engine alone was £3,000. The car was stripped down, re-painted and treated to new bumpers and number plates were ordered direct from Paris and are for show purposes. The upholstery was found in lovely order and did not require any major work. Fur-flexes have aged and we are in the process of having them replaced. Once back on the road and MOT tested, the owner used the car for his daughter's wedding and the car successfully completed the East Yorkshire annual classic car run in 2013. It was after this event, the last owner first saw the car and despite it not being for sale, he managed to buy the car and soon took delivery.

The Traction has been driven to us and it does perform exceptionally well. The rebuilt engine is still running in and performs superbly. The engine is strong, sounds excellent and offers very good performance. The car performed well on both dual and single carriageway on its journey here and the car holds a steady temperature. Gear changes are lovely and smooth, brakes are efficient and the car handles very well. The last owner has regularly serviced the car and replaced ignition items.  VSL 138 has a beautiful finish with lovely deep Burgundy over Black paintwork, the chrome is in very good order, bumpers superb, and the interior has a smart, aged looked to it. The engine bay is very nicely presented and the engine unit itself immaculate having being carefully detailed when removed from the car.

This is only the third Citroen Traction in the past eight years so needless to say we are delighted to be able to offer this car onto the market. 

Price: £SOLD