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Price: £995

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1955 Cyclaid 31cc Raleigh Hercules

This particular example is said to be one of the rarest types of cycle motor from the fifties. HRS 885 started life as a Raleigh Hercules Gentleman’s bicycle in 1955 and to make it for easier riding, the addition of a Cyclaid 31cc two stroke engine was fitted to the bicycle making a very capable moped.

Today, the Cyclaid engine runs nicely, with a smooth belt drive to the wheel. Should you choose to ride with the belt detached, a two-speed gearbox is also available in pedal mode.

The Moped also benefits from a Miller hub mounted dynamo to power the head lamp, a premium bicycle pump made by Thapex and an enclosed chain guard. The moped has come to us in lovely condition with good paint and nice chrome, and is ready to be ridden and cherished by its next owner.

Price: £995