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1965 Daimler 250 V8 Saloon

This low mileage, low ownership and very original Daimler V8 2.5 Litre Saloon was manufactured on the 11th October 1965, supplied new in Silver Grey with Light Blue leather and supplied new by C Allen & Sons Ltd, Taunton to a H.W Simpson Esq in Devon who kept the car for 30 years. The Daimler was registered HYA 621D, was delivered new on the 23rd March 1966 and comes with an exceptional history back to new, warranting just 78,000 miles from new. The Daimler comes with its original service book, owners service card, early service invoices, original 1965 tax disc, 'Running in booklet' and Heritage certificate confirming the car is in original specification with matching numbers.

HYA 621D has a wonderful service record with records at 539, 1279, 2523, 6206, 7556, 8753, 9662, 11272, 12400, 13888, 16299, 17458 and 23951 miles in June 1973. Between 1973 and 1981 the Daimler covered a further 13533 miles averaging 1691 miles per annum and MOT mileages during the 1980's are recorded at 37484, 38627, 39627, 39686, 40356, 41339, 41827,  42182, 42451 miles and the Daimler then spent from 1989 to 1994 in storage. In 1994 the Daimler was MOT tested and serviced at 42997, again in 1996 at 43735 and then sold after 30 years of ownership. The car was purchased in 1996 as a totally original car with exception of a re-spray in 1995 due to faded paintwork. The Daimler covered almost 4000 miles before selling again in 2000 to its third owner who kept the car for two years.

In 2002 the Daimler was supplied by Jaguar specialists and was to reside in Liss, Hampshire (owner later moved to Norfolk) for eleven years where it was used regularly and proved reliable for long distance touring. From 2002 to 2013 the Daimler covered 26,000 miles and MOT certificates record the impressive annual use. Over the 26000 miles and eleven years the Daimler was superbly maintained with invoices with the car outlining the work carried out. This included new coolant hoses, Halogen headlamps, rebuilt water pump, new bottom balance pulley and regular servicing. Considering the mileage over eleven years, the Daimler did not require much work and clearly had proven ultra-reliable. During the late 1990's the car had benefitted from new gearbox mounts, panhard rod bushes, new differential input seal, new shock absorber bushes, rear spring mountings, rebuilt carburettors, new rocker cover gaskets, new rear hub seals, brake discs, cylinders and rebuilt brake calipers so it's clear it was very well fettled ahead of some extensive use. The last/fifth owner bought the Daimler in 2015 and once again it has been completely reliable and a true delight to own requiring no major expense.

We supplied the Daimler to the last owner in Aberdeenshire and the Daimler V8 comes to us in lovely order and is driving superbly with its strong original engine performing exceptionally well, holding correct oil pressure. The automatic gearbox changes up and down smoothly, the steering is lovely and smooth, and the Daimler brakes and handles really well. The under bonnet area appears remarkably original and the car still retains its gorgeous original leather trim. Carpets were replaced in the early 2000's, the headlining is in very good order and the woodwork original. Door furflexes were replaced within our trimming department the last time we owned the car and the boot area is tidy and well presented. The door shuts are excellent, wheel arches and underside superb and the body is beautifully straight with an exceptional top class paint finish having being treated to a full re-paint by Malton Coachworks a couple of years ago. Bright work is smart all round, the front bumper has recently been re-chromed and the car is still running on its original steel wheels.

HYA 621D is a real gem with its top class paintwork, lovely original leather, fabulous history and is a car with real provenance taking into account its low mileage and low ownership. Having history dated to new is a real plus and contributes towards an excellent all round motor car that has to be in one of the best Daimler V8 colour combinations.


Price: £SOLD