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1938 Daimler DB18/1 DHC

This wonderful motor car was manufactured in 1938 to but not registered with its first owner until 1941. The brown 'buff' logbook is with the car and confirms the car has been with just four families from new. It was owned by a lady, Agatha Hope Houison Craufurd - part of the Dunlop Estate family, centred in Ayrshire but she was based in the South. The car was then sold to the Billington family, then William Johnson who parked the car up in his garage in 1971 after the soft top roof was damaged with a knife. It was bought by the current owner in 2006/2007, still with the 1971 tax disc present and the roof damaged. The car was then subject of the most magnificent nut and bolt rebuild, right down to the ash frame. The condition today is truly outstanding and it really drives as good as it looks.

The coachwork is by Salmons and Sons and it has been suggested by the Club that this car could have been the 1938 Earls Court Motor Show car. This cannot be guaranteed yet but there is a scan of the entry for one of the cars on the Salmons & Sons Stand which could be this car. We are told there were just 23 chassis' made, but just 5 cars built due to 18 being lost during the war ( factory bombing). We know one was used by Churchill for his election bid and King George VI also had one brand new. There is certainly an interesting history to attached to these cars.

When the car was restored it was noted that there were quite a lot of unusual aspects to the engine - some parts that had been chromed also the number of bolts/fittings on the engine, apparently about 38 bolts as opposed to 16/18. The quality of the workmanship is impressive, the body work and paintwork are exceptional, the chrome work is stunning. The leather upholstery is magnificent, as is the wood work, hood and lining and carpets. The attention to detail is second to none. The engine bay is immaculate, as is the boot and the car drives perfectly with an excellent engine, perfectly smooth pre-selector gearbox and braking and handling are as it should be.

This is a car of the highest standardsm further information to follow.


Price: £SOLD