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1961 Daimler Dart SP250

We are delighted to offer this unrepeatable opportunity to purchase a very special Daimler Dart that has spent 47 years with the same family, verified by 'The Daimler & Lanchester Owners Club Ltd'. 7751 NC was purchased new by a Manchester City Centre based Insurance Company, L Rigby & Co Ltd, Duchy Chambers, Clarence Street. For the first two years it was driven by Mr Williamson and in 1963 he purchased the Daimler from the firm. The Dart stayed within the same family until 2010, being registered in the Canford Cliffs area of Poole, Dorset with a Miss Williamson from 1989 to 2010. Up to 2010, when it was taken off the road, the Daimler was kept in total original condition and a comprehensive history file details extensive maintenance since the late 1980's from Michael Riley Engineering, a very well respected name in the SP250 World who was also the Bournemouth Branch Secretary of 'The Daimler & Lanchester Owner's Club. For over two decades the Daimler was maintained by the marque expert and this contributed to the fact the car has survived so well considering it had been kept in fairly regular use most of its life.

In 2010 the Daimler was sold, having essentially being driven by the one family from new. Sadly the new owner, who had intended to carry some cosmetic work became unwell and did not use the car. The SP250 was not used from 2010 to 2014 and in 2015 sold to the most recent owner, a retired highly regarded pre war car restorer with 35 years experience. Having a fabulous base to take the car to a show standard, the car was quickly re-commissioned, MOT tested and was then in use again whilst having a cosmetic restoration and some further mechanical work. Between 2015 and 2016 the Daimler covered over 1000 miles and subject of some very interesting, superbly executed work. As said previously, the most recent owner prior to retirement was an expert pre war car restorer so this car was the ideal project for him. First of all rocker covers were removed and everything looked very clean. The oil was new, the oil pressure was perfect and the car ran sweetly, everything appeared in line with what the Daimler Club Secretary and engineer had told the new owner, the engine had been subject of a full rebuild some years back. Due to the design weakness of the Triumph four speed gearbox being mated with the powerful Daimler V8 engine, the owner sourced and fitted a full syncro overdrive gearbox from the later Daimler V8250 saloon which is a much better and stronger gearbox properly designed by Jaguar to handle the power of the V8 engine. The valuable original gearbox is still with the car. A more modern lighter diaphram clutch from an Austin Healey 3000 was fitted and the skilled former professional restorer even made his own design remote so that the gear stick comes out exactly where it should. The propshaft has been shortened and rebuilt using a modern sliding joint and new universal joints, the propshaft was also balanced. There are no visible signs of the modifications but they make driving a much better experience, in fact this has to be the very best Dart we have had the experience of driving.  The overdrive makes long distance touring very relaxed and a modification has been done so that overdrive works on third gear as well which is great for overtaking.

The engine has been prepared for show standard and looks truly exceptional. It has been polished to a high standard and stainless steel braiding has been fitted where possible. All the old mild steel water pipes have been replaced with polished stainless and new Black silicon hoses have been used everywhere. A very nice pair of SU embossed chrome air filters have been fitted and any under bonnet parts that could be made in polished stainless have been changed, even the bonnet prop is now stainless. The engine is worthy of winning shows and is a credit to the restorer. Since this work the Dart has covered over 1000 miles and the next stage, over the winter was to take the car to a show standard finish with a full re-paint. The inner wings and bulk head had already been prepared for the re-paint but unfortunately the recent owner had to sell the car unfinished. The work required on arrival was a total strip down and full re-paint which has now been completed at our Malton Coachworks bodyshop. The Daimler left the factory Cream arrived with incredibly original paint with marks and scratches evident and has been repainted its correct original colour. On build up, the Dart was re-fitted with new chrome door handles, new headlights, chrome bonnet and boot hinges, new boot rubber, new wheel trims and the bumpers, grill, rear light surrounds and various other items have been re-chromed at a cost of £2,000. On completion, the Dart has then been fitted with a brand new mohair hood and the boot fully carpeted. The Daimler looks incredible with stunning paintwork, gleaming chrome, an excellent clean chassis and underside and it still retains a truly wonderful, delightful largely original interior with beautifully aged leather trim, carpets that clean and smart but replaced many years ago. 

This B Spec Daimler SP250 has be taken to the very highest of standards, and after two years as as a rolling cosmetic restoration, the final touches have been completed. These are the types of cars we love finding and we have enjoyed  playing our part in finishing this very special, honest and still largely original car.  This can be one of the very best, it already is truly outstanding to drive, the upholstery will be hard to repeat being excellent yet largely original, the engine detailing is second to none as you would expect having being prepared by a restorer with 35 years experience and with gleaming perfect paintwork and chrome adding to its wonderful low ownership provenance and history file, this is real a collectors piece.

Please note the original gearbox, original air filters and original hard top are with the car. 

Price: £SOLD