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1966 Daimler V8250

RKX 364D was first registered on the 1st August 1966 and left the factory in Indigo blue with grey leather upholstery. We sold the Daimler to the last owner in 1997 as a remarkably original example that had a recorded mileage of little over 60,000 miles. Whilst the mileage could not be guaranteed, it was believed to be correct and to support this; the Daimler retained good quality original leather upholstery and original door cards and headlining. Prior to selling the car in 1997, the Daimler has been with one owner in Gloucester since 1989 and therefore we know that our car has had just two owners in the last 24 years.

The Daimler has come to us with a recorded mileage of less than 66,000. From previous records we know the elderly last owner covered just 96 miles between 2006 and 2007 and 25 miles in 2008. In 2008, the car was stored and didn't leave the garage again until coming to us. On arrival, we assessed the condition of the car and carried out some basic re-commissioning work as the vehicle had not moved for over four years. We stripped and rebuilt the front brake calipers, fitted two new anti-roll bar kits, a new track rod assembly, replaced the heater valve and seal, fitted a new bump stop, fitted new handbrake return springs and cleaned out the filter bowl and set up the carbs. The Daimler was serviced and passed an MOT test in early January. On road test we can report the engine runs perfectly holding excellent oil pressure. The automatic gearbox changes nicely and the power assisted steering works perfectly. The brakes are efficient with good discs and pads and the Daimler has lots of power and good performance.

In addition to the basic mechanical work, we also had the twenty year old paintwork stripped back to bare metal and the car re-painted. We have some photographs of the car in bare metal with the windscreen removed. Very little repair work was required once again showing us what a good, honest original, straight car this is. The car was professionally re-painted and all chrome work cleaned up and re-fitted. The chrome bumpers appear original and are in good order. The door fits beautifully, the panel gaps are excellent and underside particularly tidy. The engine bay is largely original and was just cleaned and polished as necessary.

We haven't carried out any work to the interior and it is still largely original. The grey leather trim presents well, the headlining still looks to be original but whilst the dash top has lost its shine and some improvements can be made, the upholstery is on the whole presentable. We are happy to discuss any interior improvements with a potential buyer but if you are looking for a smartly presented, largely original Daimler with a superb straight bodyshell, this car should be ideal.

Price: £SOLD