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2004 Ferrari 575 Maranello

This truly outstanding Ferrari 575 Maranello has covered just 30,000 miles from new and has an impressive, full main dealer service history. This magnificent example was ordered new through Ferrari dealership HR Owen on the 19th July 2004 in Blu Tour De France with Beige Hide upholstery and was supplied with Red Brake Calipers, Blu Scuro Dash/Pillars, Scuderia Ferrari Shields, Beige leather Rear Shelf, Blu interior stitching, Blu Scuro Steering Wheel, Additional Glove Compartment and Supaguard taking the full ‘new’ price before discount to £167,000.

The Ferrari comes with its original leather wallet and all handbooks, service book, spare keys and invoice file containing receipts for £47,000 of maintenance and servicing. The Ferrari was with HR Owen on Old Brompton Road, London at 832, 3963, 4886 and 9755 miles, Dick Lovett in Swindon at 10062 and 14719 miles and with Graypaul in Edinburgh at 18037, 19400, 19410, 20209, 21660, 22645, 23192, 24314, 24980, 25315, 25512 and 25842 miles. In February 2015 at 27315 the Ferrari was back with Dick Lovatt in Swindon and again at 28927 one year later and its most recent services have been with Meridien Modena at 29050 and 29319 miles. In 2017 art 29050 miles the Ferrari was treated to new cambelts as part of a maintenance schedule costing £4,855. 

Most owners opted for the F1 gearbox new and it offers lightening quick upshifts and fabulous throttle blipping down changes, marshalled by software that prevents the driver from selecting inadvisable gears. Interestingly, the F1 sequential box can change in just .22 of a second, around half the time of the manual gearbox meaning the 575M with F1 gearbox take just 4.0 seconds 0-60mph against 4.25 seconds for the manual car. Automatic, sport and winter modes are also choices available when driving the Ferrari 575M F1.

The car is truly outstanding on the road and this front engine, rear wheel driven V12 is a true powerhouse with a quoted top speed of 202mph and an impressive 509bhp. This stunning car is superb fun to drive, offers exhilarating performance and is in excellent condition throughout as expected with 30,000 miles and a £47,000 full Ferrari main dealer service history. The condition of the car is beautiful with pristine bodywork, exceptional paintwork, excellent wheels and a beautiful, luxury interior cabin as one would expect with a true low mileage, properly maintained and looked after Ferrari GT.

Price: £SOLD