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1974 Fiat 500 110F - 2600 miles from new

We are delighted to offer this ultra-low mileage cult classic Fiat 500 onto the market. Over recent years, the Fiat 500 has grown into a true icon and top class examples are becoming increasingly hard to find. This exceptional car has only covered an astonishing 4200 kilometres from new, just 2600 miles and is one of the last produced with a very unique history. The car was first registered on the 4th June 1974 in Bologna, Central Italy. The car was bought as a gift from husband to elderly wife and during the first three months of ownership the Fiat did not leave the garage. The couple's niece visited from Turin and saw the car for the first time, she fell in love with the little car and it was given to her as a gift. The niece drove the car home to Turin in Northern Italy and the Fiat had covered its first 340 kilometres. From 1974 to 1983 the Fiat covered just 3500 kilometres and was used to take her son to school, just half a mile from the family home. On summer days they would walk, other days take the Fiat. Unfortunately the owner became unwell in 1983 and health issues prevented her from driving. She did not want to sell the Fiat and persuaded her husband to keep the car taxed, it was taxed until 1988 and since then the car has not been taxed or on the road and did not move again until January 2013.

25 years later and sometime after losing his wife, the husband decided to sell the Fiat. The car was still garaged with some old bikes leant against it and a wooden box resting on the bonnet. After almost 40 years the Fiat has covered just 4000 kilometres and was still awaiting its first Fiat service at 5000 kilometres. The Fiat was found somewhat dusty, with a few minor dents and not running, but was an absolute time warp, an amazing find. Once transported to the new owner, the Fiat was put through a programme of re-commissioning work. A new battery was fitted, wiring was checked and a headlight bulb replaced, new fuel pump fitted, carburettor cleaned, engine and gearbox oil replaced, new air filter fitted, tappet clearance set, spark plugs replaced, the distributor set, new windscreen wiper blades and the brakes checked and cleaned. The Fiat was started up and running perfectly.  The new owner was able to give the car some light use and after several months, made contact with us and offered the Fiat as a part exchange against a Triumph TR3 which is now in Torino, Italy. The Fiat was transported from Italy to us and on arrival inspected.

After inspecting the car and taking it on road test, we could confirm it drives as expected, as new. The engine and gearbox were found to be perfect and the car feels tight as you would expect with less than 3000 miles. We inspected the underside of the vehicle and it has never required any welding work. Having checked the car over, the decision was made to totally strip down the exterior, removing everything including windows. We found the Fiat to be totally rust free as expected and one of the best original shells we have seen. This gave us opportunity to remove the various dents caused in the original owner's garage and perhaps local supermarkets and professionally re-paint the exterior of the car in its original colour. We have taken photographs before and during the work and the end result is an exceptional paint finish that a car of this level of originality and low mileage deserves. Once this work was completed in 2013, we sold the Fiat to a long term customer and friend, an active classic collector in South Wales. For the past four years the car has been part of his beautiful collection of vehicles and has now come back to us in order to find a new home. This Fiat 500 is a wonderful rare opportunity and a true collector's piece and could possibly be an unrepeatable opportunity. 

Testimonial from new owner...

"Hi James I'm enjoying the car, please pass my regards to Julie, Andrew, Peter, Nicholas. We still have no snow, if is unusually warm, so this is the only Swiss photo with a little bit of snow on t..." FULL testimonial here

Price: £SOLD