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1962 Ford Anglia 105E - 6400 miles

This 1962 Ford Anglia has covered an astonishing 6,400 miles from new and was discovered in a lock up garage after being parked up for 49 years. The Anglia was parked up on the 31st August 1968, the night before the owners wedding. The tax and insurance were expiring and the owner had the intention of putting it back on the road but has never driven a car since parking it in his garage all those years back. He had bought the car in 1965 from the first owner, a Doctor, paying £380 for the car. The Anglia was discovered in the garage in Chadwell Heath, less than 4 miles away from where it started life at the Ford factory in Dagenham and it took two days to clear the garage in order to get the car out! Clearly the Anglia has never travelled far in its entire life and its longest journey is likely to have been in our transporter heading north to Yorkshire. Whilst the car was filthy with dust and dirt from years standing, the panels were all found to be original and the underside structurally excellent having never had any welding work. The decision was made to strip the Anglia down to a bare shell down at our Malton Coachworks workshop and restore it, keeping in mind that we wanted to ensure the car would be as original as possible on completion. All glass was removed, all brightwork removed and the majority of it sent for re-chroming. The engine, transmission and every single ancillary was also removed so that the car was a rolling bare shell. On removing the dashboard, we found a 1967 and 1968 tax disc, and some Green Shield stamps, also inside one of the interior trim panels was a customer inspection form from when the car was new.

The Ford was then transported to our Malton Coachworks Bodyshop.  The underside and engine bay were sand blasted and the majority of the body taken back to bare metal. The floor pans and sills were found completely original and excellent so no welding work was required. The bare shell was fully prepared and treated to a complete inside and out re-paint in the cars original and correct colour Ambassador Blue . The bare shell was put on a roll over jig in order to prepare and paint the underside to the very highest of standards and a full photograph record is now in the vehicles history file.  The Ford Anglia was mechanically overhauled, the  engine was stripped down and fully rebuilt, the cylinder head converted to run on unleaded petrol and the gearbox stripped down and rebuilt with new bearings. We fitted a new clutch, new wiring harness, rebuilt the dynamo, regulator, replaced the water pump, heater matrix and radiator, replaced all hoses, replaced the starter motor, overhauled the brakes with all new wheel cylinders, brake linings, brake pipes, replaced fuel lines, re-conditioned the fuel tank, overhauled the steering box, overhauled shock absorbers, replaced the rear axle oil and fitted a new set of tyres. The Anglia was diligently built up with all new rubbers, clips, gromets, its re-furbished bright work, and we cleaned the original and superb original A127 coded trim and only replaced the headlining. On completion the Ford Anglia was submitted for an MOT test and then driven faultlessly from Malton to our West Knapton showroom.

Having had a £30,000 restoration, this Anglia is absoloutley top class. Not only could it be unrepeatable to find another 6,400 miles from new Ford Anglia, finding one that has had this level of expenditure that has never had any rust issues, and therefore no welding is incredibly rare. This superb car is likely to be better than when it left the factory, it certainly drives like a brand new Ford Anglia and its stunning original upholstery retains essential originality to show this has never had to do much work. Our Anglia looks incredible, with perfect panels, a stunning beautifully painted underside, the engine bay is first class, and a result is the perfect collectors piece. We have enjoyed this project and plan to exhibit the car at several up coming events.

Price: £SOLD