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1965 Ford Cortina MKI

This modified Ford Cortina MKI was first registered on the 15th April 1965. We first owned the Ford in early 2016, collecting it in Carmarthenshire where the car has spent five years. The Cortina had come to us in part exchange for a Morris Minor Traveller, the very car he previously owned and as a result the Ford Cortina had to make way for the new purchase. Between 2011 and 2016 the MKI Cortina covered in the region of 3000 miles and on arrival with us in 2016 quickly sold to the last owner who by total co-incidence was also in Carmarthenshire. Over the past two years the Cortina has covered a further 3000 miles and has required very little work. The Ford has been regularly serviced, had a new handbrake cable, new distributor cap, fuel pump, carburettor jets cleaned and has proven totally reliable and has been an enjoyable car to own. 3000 miles and two years later the Ford has made way for an open car so we delivered an MGB Roadster down to South Wales, bringing the Cortina back to Yorkshire.

Between 2011 and 2012 a substantial amount of expenditure went into this Cortina. First of all the engine and gearbox were removed and the body prepared for a full re-spray. Metal work included new rear wheel arch sections and new rear wheel wells and once prepared the underside was painted and undersealed. The engine was then prepared and re-painted and the engine, gearbox and suspension re-fitted. The shell was fully re-sprayed in metallic paint and on re-fitting of the glass, new windscreen rubbers, glass seals; window channels and door shut trims were fitted. The Ford was also treated to new windscreen chromes, plastic headlamp bowls, Halogen headlights and aerial roof mount.  BTH 899C was re-wired, the radiator re-conditioned and the car also fitted with electronic ignition, new brake pipes, servo and new discs and pads. Finally, all ignition items were replaced and the Ford ready for regular use.  Invoices for the above work total in the region of £6,500 and we know further work to the interior has been carried out as both front and rear seats and door cards have been replaced prior to 2016.

BTH 899C looks sharp with a stunning paint finish, lovely straight panels and bright chrome work. The engine bay was re-painted when fully stripped down and has therefore been re-done to a very high standard. The car is structurally solid, presents very well and the upholstery is in fine order with recently replaced seats and door cards. Minilight style wheels certainly suit the car and with the metallic paint and wheels, the car has an uprated look to it. The Ford has a 1598cc engine that runs superbly and feels quick. The engine is strong, pulls well, the four speed gearbox changes nicely and brakes; suspension and steering all feel very good. Our MKI Cortina is a sound, usable car that has some nice features and would work well for regular use or further detailing to get ready for shows and rallies. 

Price: £SOLD