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1974 Ford Escort MKI Mexico

We are delighted to offer this genuine Ford Escort Mexico onto the market having sold it to the most recent in Northern Ireland back in late 2016.The Ford initially came to us in 2015 from one of our regular customers who has previously purchased the Mexico from the AVO Club secretary. The AVO club owner had spent around £3000 improving the car with a new exhaust system, re-trimmed seats, black underside waxoyling, new gear lever plastic bushes, replacement headlamps, grill, front bumper and some general paintwork improvements. Paperwork with the car confirms that during the 2000’s the Mexico was in Northern Ireland owned by a collector prior to being in the hands of the Club official.

Since we've known the car its always been a fantastic driving, really usable example and it has been continuously improved. We sold the car on the day it was placed on the market back in 2015 to one of our regular customers and it had £2000 spent on it at our Malton Coachworks workshop. Work included a full service (oil, plugs, filters), brake master cylinder, brake shoes, temperature gauge sender unit, new water pump, removal of carb, inlet manifold and replacement union and gasket, removal of gearbox for sensor re-wire, new speedo cable and re-wire of engine bay loom and new windscreen washer bottle and wiring.

In late 2016 the Mexico came back to us in part exchange and we agreed a sale with the most recent owner in Northern Ireland. The new owner agreed to pay for extensive under bonnet detailing and a further £2500 was spent on the car at this point. The engine and ancillaries were removed, the engine bay painted, and the engine bay built back up again. Improvements included a new rocker cover gasket, water pump gasket, oil pump gasket, fuel pump gasket, thermostat, housing and gasket, rear crankshaft oil seal,  front oil seal, sump gasket and rubbers, new clutch, slave cylinder, heater hoses, radiator hoses and new alternator.

HMO 737N has covered around 400 faultless miles in its three years or so in Northern Ireland. The owner enjoyed some good weather use and treated the Mexico  to new rear leaf springs, spring hanger bushes, tie rod ends, new track control arms, new coil springs, new Spax shocks, brake discs, brake pads, wheel bearings, rebuilt brake servo, rebuilt brake calipers, rebuilt differential, new half shaft bearings and the axle cleaned and painted.

Finding a genuine MKI Mexico is difficult and this is a lovely, usable example that is ideal for regular use and has lots of money spent in all the right areas. It presents very well with tidy, smart paintwork, a lovely straight bodyshell, bright chrome and an impressive upholstery and stunning engine bay. All the suspension and braking system look and are fresh, and on the road its fantastic fun offering great performance, handling and braking. Whether looking for an Escort for the road or circuit, long distance touring or just as a collector's piece, this car offers great value and comes with good paperwork dating back to the 1980's.


Price: £SOLD