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1978 Ford Escort Rally Car

This very desirable Ford Escort Rally car with Group 4 shell has come over to us from Northern Ireland. The car has been with its last owner for ten years and comes with an official MSA Competition log book and has taken part in many Enniskillen Motor Club tarmac sprints.

Our rally car comes with an impressive specification and thousands of pounds worth of valuable parts. The engine alone cost well in excess of £5500 three years ago and is an eight valve Pinto engine with Big Valve head, steel rods and dry sump and running on 48 Webers. We are told the engine is producing around 210 BHP and was built by respected rally engine builder Reggie Britton. The Escort also boasts an Omex management system, 5 speed Quaife dog box, semi floating back axle with limited slip differential, Facett twin fuel pumps, Bias pedal box, 4 pot calipers, XR3 rear brakes and coil over springs. 

The body was stripped down, sand blasted and rebuilt by the famous HASS Motorsport with roll cage, then re-painted and built up. The bucket seats and fire extinguishers are still in date for current use and the Escort is quite simply outstanding to drive. One of our Malton Coachworks technicians is involved in the local rally scene and has test driven and checked over the car, This is a superb machine that would cost much more to build.

Price: £SOLD