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1970 Ford Lotus Cortina MKII

KEJ 103J was first registered on the 1st August 1970 and is a genuine Ford Lotus Cortina MKII. This highly desirable car has been part of a South Wales collection for the past couple of years and has come to us in exceptional condition. Over recent years the MKII Cortina has followed on from the MKI and has become incredibly sought after and desirable and prices are increasing.

Following on from the enormous success of the Lotus Cortina MK1, Ford introduced the Lotus Cortina MkII in 1967 with the famous Lotus 1600 twin cam engine now giving 109bhp. Externally all the cars had a black front grill, 5.5J x 13 steel wheels and Lotus badges on both rear wings and by the rear number plate. The gearbox ratios remained to 2000E spec, but the final drive was lengthened to 3.77 to 1 from 3.9 to 1 and comfort and handling improvements were made with a larger fuel tank and radial tyres.

This fine example is amongst the last produced and is a matching numbers car retaining its original engine and gearbox. KEJ 103J is well known to the owners club and Lotus Cortina Register and has been subject of a major rebuild by a well-respected Ford specialist in 2012. Since rebuild the Cortina has covered less than 1000 miles and comes with a comprehensive photographic record of the bare shell rebuild. The body was totally stripped down, taken down to bare metal and totally rebuilt to show condition. The car was built up with re-conditioned mechanicals and finished to original specification enabling the car to further appreciate over time and give it the maximum potential provenance. The result of the detailed, highly professional rebuild is a magnificent example with stunning bodywork, underside, paintwork and engine bay. KEJ 103J has a delightful interior that does have an original, correct appearance. Mechanically the car is excellent and is driving superbly with a fabulous engine, smooth gearbox and feels superb with tight steering, handling and efficient braking. This Ford Lotus Cortina MKII is an ideal collector's piece that can also be driven, used and enjoyed but is in a condition where it needs careful ownership to remain in pristine condition.

Price: £SOLD