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1928 Ford Model A Phaeton

The Model T was a huge success story for Henry Ford and this success continued from 1927 to 1931 in the form of the Ford Model A. The Model T had been in production for 18 years but the introduction of the A was Ford's first use of standard driver controls with conventional clutch and brake pedals, throttle and gearshift. The Model A came in wide variety of styles such as Coupe, Business coupe, Sports Coupe, Roadster Coupe, Cabriolet. Convertible Sedan, Phaeton, Tudor, Town car, Fordor, Victoria, Station Wagon, Taxicab, Truck and Commercial.

This Phaeton model Ford A brought into the UK from South Africa in 2003. Being a South African car it was built in right hand drive form and started life with a Safari Top. The car today still remains remarkably original and we have some correspondence from a previous long term Cape Town owner. The Ford was bought during the 1960's and we are told the car had never been off the road. The Cape Town owner kept the car for 18 years covering thousands of miles and the Ford never once let him down. It was driven through Cape Town City on a regular basis, taken on country roads and even taken on rallies when the classic car scene began to create serious interest in South Africa. After 18 years of ownership and thousands of miles, the Model A never once let its long term owner down; a true testimonial for Ford.

This is a very early Ford Model A and the car still retains its rare, early features. Our car has a hand operated wiper, no exterior door handles, right sided mounted handbrake, square end wheel nuts, drum tail lamp, red steering wheel and multi disc clutch, all features rarely seen on this model. The condition of the car is a delightful with a true patina. The bodywork is very strong with older paintwork and despite having had a harder life on Cape country roads, the Model A feels remarkably original and very robust. The 24 H.P engine pulls superbly through the gears and soon reaches 50mph, the car drives well and feels very reliable. The Ford is a real user and should be driven. It is not detailed, it is not presented for entering shows, it is honest, original and a fantastic driver. The Ford comes with side screens, some historic photographs, South African correspondence and some recent MOT certificates. Our Model A is on the button and ready to enjoy.

Price: £SOLD