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1962 Ford Popular Deluxe 100E

This charming little 100E came in part exchange from the previous owner who owned the car for 24 years. Prior to this the car was part of ‘The Patrick Collection’ as a museum piece. The vehicle has been owned (with the exception of 2 short term keepers) by 3 long term owners. In the history file is a lovely letter from the first owner who had the car from new until 1982. The lady goes on to say that she believed the car to be the last Popular deluxe produced, if not, certainly the last week of production and that when she sold it in 1982 the car had only covered 8,500 miles.

15/10/1962 - 1st lady owner
24/09/1982 – 2nd owner
28/11/1983 – 3rd owner
02/04/1984 – The Patrick Collection
03/04/1993 - Most recent lady owner

The current mileage of 22,489 is believed genuine due to the first owner covering minimal mileage and the next long-term owner was the museum. The previous owner has also covered very little mileage as shown by the 21 MOT certificates which accompany the file. In 1992 the recorded mileage was 13,616, this rose very gradually up to current day showing that in some years the car covered less than 100 miles. Recent expenditure since 2009 adds up to over £2,500 to include; Underside Dinitrol rust treated, decoke & head gasket, radiator hoses, electronic distributor kit, points, condenser, spark plugs, ignition coil & rotor arm and a brake overhaul. There are a large number of other invoices of various expenditure and maintenance going back to 1993. The previous owner also wrote to the DVLA to obtain the list of previous keepers which was obviously when she wrote to the 1st owner in 1993.

Cosmetically the car is very honest with some signs of age but the body seems particularly sound with all the hallmarks of a low mileage, well cared for car. So, we present a unique opportunity to purchase a superb 100E with a great history, unbelievably low recorded mileage, a great little driver that is ripe for improvement over the winter months or could be put straight into regular or even daily use.

Price: £SOLD