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1955 Ford Prefect

We last sold this delightful Ford Prefect eight years ago to a local regular customer who has covered 6000 miles over this time. The Ford has been used for weekend classic driving, and has regularly attended various shows and events across North Yorkshire. The Ford is remarkably original and still retains its original colour schemes and interior trim.

When selling the car back in 2009, we believed the mileage of 30,049 to be genuine, based on the original condition of the car, particularly bodywork, upholstery and the way it drove. We cannot guarantee this, but eight years on and now recording 36,000 miles, the upholstery is still totally original and in lovely condition. The most major improvements to the Prefect since last selling it is the paintwork. The bodyshell was and is structurally excellent, but due to evidence of various local paintwork over the years, the last owner decided to have a full re-paint and the Prefect now presents beautifully. The seats and floor mats are still in lovely, aged condition and the engine bay and boot area present very well. The underside is structurally excellent.

The Prefect is a delight to drive and has recently had some top end engine work relating to valve seats and valves. The Prefect was then treated to a new head gasket and bolts, new fuel pump gasket and a fresh set of plugs, oil and filter. The Ford is a delight to drive, the engine is smooth and quiet and the gearbox changes up and down perfectly. Brakes, steering and handling all feel tight and the car drives superbly. This is a fabulous, honest, original Prefect, ideal for local shows, rallies and even regular, daily use. 

Price: £SOLD