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1928 Hillman 14 Saloon

The Hillman Fourteen was equipped with a 12.8, 4 cylinder engine with four speed gearbox and dry plate clutch. The model boasted semi-elliptic suspension, four wheel brakes and lighting and starting powered by separate dynamo and motor. This particular example was built in 1928 and comes with a Club Certificate of authenticity. We have collected this lovely example from Oxfordshire where it has been for the past fourteen years. The Hillman was restored over in Germany and brought back to the UK in 2001 and it has had just one UK owner since returning. The Hillman has had light annual use and has been very well maintained in recent years.

We have invoices with the car detailing work such as re-lining brakes shoes, fitting of new wheel hub bearings, brake drums cleaned and re-painted and new spring clamps fitted. Since being back in the UK, the Hillman has also been treated to an engine rebuild, the magneto and Autovac both have been repaired/re-conditioned and invoices for two phases of the mechanical work total over £3000 with one Oxfordshire based restoration Company.

The Hillman drives well with a good strong engine. It performs well, the non syncromesh gearbox is nice to use and is not too challenging. The car handles well, brakes are efficient and it is ideal for shows, rallies and events. The Hillman is a strong robust car and it can be driven with confidence. It has proven reliable, starts first time, runs smoothly and can be used on a regular basis without hesitation. The bodywork is totally solid with an excellent chassis. The paintwork is of a good standard, wings are in very smart condition and brightwork is very nice. The Hillman has lots of charm and character and has an honest usable feel to it. The Red upholstery is in excellent order, the interior overall smart, tidy, presentable and usable. This isn't a car that will win shows, but offers excellent value pre-war motoring.

Price: £SOLD