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1928 Humber 14/40 5 Seat Tourer

This fabulous open tourer was manufactured in 1928 by Humber of Coventry and supplied new by Tamplins of Twickenham on 28th March 1928 to Mr John Cartwright, a bank manager in Twickenham.

On Mr Cartwright's death in 1933 the Humber passed to his sister who didn't use the car until April 1939. In September 1940 the Humber was taken off the road for the duration of WWII and not taxed again until October 1945. In late 1945 Miss Cartwright gave the Humber to a cousin's son Jas Bosley, a farmer in Ledbury. The car was used to carry the family as far as Denmark on one occasion. The Humber was also used for taking animals to market by trailer until December 1962. The Humber was later stored on blocks in a cider mill on the farm until 1988.

In 1993 the Humber was treated to a re-paint and new hood. The Humber had further re-commissioning work but has remained remarkably original. This wonderful motor car has an exceptional detailed history and is likely to be the most original example still on the road. The car has a beautiful level of detail, wonderful original upholstery and drives beautifully as one would expect.

Price: £SOLD