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1930 Humber 16/50 Saloon

LG 4624 was first registered on the 14th June 1930 and supplied new to a Chartered Accountant, Mr A.E Slater-Cook who held a practice in Liverpool. Correspondence from Humber in 1930 addressed paperwork to various addresses held by Mr Slater-Cook in Liverpool, Frodsham and The Aldelphi Hotel in Harrogate. Interestingly, he did not trust delivery drivers to observe the correct running in speed so he collected the car himself from the Humber Works in Coventry. He was also Chauffeur driven to work in the car and also had blocks fitted to the pedals at a cost of Seven Shillings and Sixpence so his daughter could also drive the car. The Humber stayed in the family from 1930 to 1964, the only keeper change being a transfer into his daughter’s name in 1954. From the continuation brown ‘buff’ logbook we know the car spent 1964 s and early 1970’s in the Birmingham area having been in the North West for the first 34 years. There is also a letter in the history dated in 2012 from the previous owner who purchased the car from Miss Euphemia Slater-Cook in 1964 adding to the wonderful early correspondence still with the car that includes an original receipt, newspaper cuttings and various letters from Humber.

An Enfield based collector purchased this wonderful low ownership Humber 16/50 in 1989 and kept it for 28 years covering 12,000 miles in the car. As a dedicated Humber collector and enthusiast, he kept excellent logs and records keeping up to an already impressive history file. A notebook forms a superb mileage log detailing every journey over 28 years and to accompany this are a selection of MOT's dating back to the 1980's and many tax discs. The Humber has proven to be a wonderful motor car regularly used and consistently reliable. Prior to purchasing the car in 1989, it had been subject of a major restoration to include rebuilt bodywork, rebuilt engine with new liners, new clutch and clutch plate and various re-chrome brightwork. The Humber came to us in 2017 in a multiple part exchange deal for a Jaguar E-Type and we then sold the car to one of our long term regular customers in Essex who has enjoyed weekend driving in the car. Today LG 4624 still presents beautifully with excellent bodywork, stunning gleaming paintwork, excellent wheels, brightwork and a fabulous largely original interior. The Humber is a stunning looking vehicle and performance on the road meets the high expectations set by its handsome looks.

The Humber is in fine mechanical order and has been superbly well maintained. Paperwork in the history confirms all recent maintenance to include new tyres, new hoses, new coil and condenser and regular greasing. On road test LG 4624 performs very well with a fabulous strong engine holding good oil pressure, the gearbox changes smoothly and the car cruises effortlessly with a smooth, comfortable ride. This 1930's Humber has a very impressive body, wonderful high quality luxury upholstery and on the road is strong, reliable and has covered 12,500 effortless miles in the last 29 years.

Price: £SOLD