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1937 Humber Snipe

This wonderfully rare Humber has been up in the North of Scotland for the past four years. During this time, an astonoshing £9,000 has been spent on a full engine rebuild, including a new block sourced through the Humber Owner's club. The engine runs perfectly and is still running in having only covered 70 miles since the work was complete. The Humber makes an ideal wedding car with it's beautiful body styling and proves very easy to drive and handle.

Below are more details of work carried out by Agra Precision Engineering:

  • Modify Bronze Valve Guides
  • Fit modified valve guides
  • Ream 12 Guides
  • Fit 6 IDL valve seat inserts
  • Mira 12 Valve seats & Lap Valves
  • Surface Block
  • Machine sump face
  • Recondition new valves
  • Machine cam followers & adjusters
  • Dummy build block, check clearances
  • Strip oil pump & overhaul
  • Strip & overhaul water pump with replacement parts
  • Manufacture water pump bush
  • Turn shaft to suit
  • Remove core plugs & thoroughly clean block
  • Supply & fit 18 core plugs
  • Inspect dynamo & paint
  • Strip Distributor
  • Repair seized advance mechanism
  • Oil & Rebuild
  • Strip chain Tensioner clean grease & rebuild
  • Fit valves, springs & followers – adjust clearances
  • Face flywheel
  • Manufacture sump plug
  • Manufacture S/E bushes fit & hone
  • Re-align conrods
  • Regrind crankshaft
  • Bore block & fit liners
  • Rebore to suit pistons
  • Machine cut outs
  • Pressure test 2nd block
  • Manufacture gaskets
  • Modify rubber drives/couplings for dynamo/waterpump
  • Machine front pulley seal path & face
  • Strip & Overhaul seized front pulley
  • Machine timing cover to accept lip seal
  • Clean block threads
  • Inspect head studs, recondition & Fit
  • Rebuild engine
  • Supply Pistons, Liners, Mains, Big ends, Timing chain, oil seal, new block

Testimonial from new owner...

"Hi James,When we bought the Humber Snipe from you, you asked if we would send you pictures of the car from where ever we travelled around the world.Please find attached a couple of photos from our Nile Trial ra..." FULL testimonial here

Price: £SOLD