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I am always more than happy to recommend to others

Dear James & Nick,
At last, I endeavour to sit down and put pen to paper, in order to add my comments to your ever growing testimonial section. I check your web-site regularly, window-shopping perhaps?, wondering why I have never attempted to offer my own feelings to the standard's I have become to experience, at "The Classic & Sportscar Centre".

I cannot profess to state I am one of Nick's longest serving customers, in fact I am quite new, when reading some of the comments by your other clients. However, I am more than pleased to say, presently, I am certainly now proud to be amongst some of "your most satisfied clients".

Over the many, many, years I have been a classic car collector and enthusiast, I have dealt with a great volume of dealers throughout the length and breadth of this country, receiving extremely varied levels of, "It's like new", "Unbelievable condition", "Well worth the visit", "You will not be disappointed", "The finest example we have come across". Sadly, the majority were more often than not, "Complete & utter, fabrications of their imagination"

Thankfully, from my very first visit to your Yorkshire premises, I have always found your verbal descriptions, with un re-touched detailed photograph's, honesty and integrity, value for money, added together with a welcome which now makes me feel as if I am one of your wonderful family. Making me believe I made the correct choice in selecting "The Classic & Sportscar Centre of Yorkshire" as my preferred supplier to my small private car collection.

To date, I cannot re-call the amount of car's which have passed between us, but in each case, I have never, ever, been disappointed, or felt let down, by any of my purchases. From my basic jumping on a train from South Wales to Yorkshire, being collected at your local railway station, welcomed at your premises, to then eventually clambering into the vehicle in question, (Jaguar's, Bentley's, Austin Healey's, MG's etc..), and then successfully driving the few hundred miles or so back home, it has always been something I am always more than happy to recommend to others, hence my reasons for writing today.

Perhaps one of the highest recommendations I can offer, is my purchase of the 1968 series one and a half Jaguar E type roadster, during 2007, which probably had the highest testimonial first trip to date, whereby almost immediately we bought it, my wife and I, simply threw in a few clothes, (No room for suit-cases as most who have owned an E type convertible would know), and left South Wales on a damp and wet Wednesday morning, heading for Plymouth, boarding a ferry to Santander, Northern Spain, then beginning the long and adventurous journey, down to Benalmadena, Southern Spain.

The car performed superbly, with its 4.2 litre engine returning over 26 m.p.g., at maximum speeds around 60-70mph, through the gruelling mountainous regions of Northern Spain, passing its beautiful lake district's, down through central Spain, passing Burgos, Segovia and Madrid, with some of the most horrendous rain storms I have ever experienced, (and this was June!!!) with no problems or anything to complain about, other than a fuse blowing on the wiper circuit, just South of Madrid.

Regrettably, I did not have a spare, (badly organised, rushed or no planning beforehand perhaps!), but a local old fashioned Spanish garage proprietor came to the rescue when we found his establishment, and more than pleased to supply us with one which had been in his drawer for who knows how long! In fact he came after me when he found a second one, in-case I needed a spare, not even taking any money off me, more than pleased to see the Jaguar outside his humble garage.

Mind you, whilst I cannot personally complain about my classic - investment and purchase, my darling wife did ask me to refund her the money she had invested in a new dress, which regrettably suffered at the hands of God, when he threw all the rain and storm's at us, because again, anyone who has owned an E type, (even from new), will respectfully know, that the boot isn't waterproof!!! (Maybe you could offer to pay for it, and I will forget about the fuses James!)

(On arrival at our Southern-most destination, I seem to recall you offering to post fuses on to me, a simple gesture, but another idea of the reason's "Classic & Sportscar Centre" are foremost in their after-sales service, however small , gigantic, or menial the problems may be)

Thankfully the weather changed as we headed further South, helping us to further enjoy the exquisite scenery, together with the excitement we had when other motorist's hooted, waved and envied us, hood down, continuing our journey South, by-passing Toledo, Valdepenas, Jaen, visiting the area's around Granada, then finally dropping down through the twisted but scenic mountainous gorge's south of Granada, to the coastal region of the Malaga province.

Our final arrival at the port of Benalmadena, several days later, where we reside afloat, on-board another hobby of mine, was in glorious sunshine, with two very proud and happy customers of, "The Classic & Sportscar Centre".

The following morning, at 6.00am, we were back in the Jaguar again, (Minus wet dress I may add), heading west, in convoy with a Spanish colleague's Marcos, at speeds far in excess of our journey south, to the historic Rock of Gibraltar, where we had entered the Jaguar in the famous Historic Motoring Festival of Gibraltar. From our initial arrival at "The famous Casements Square" of the Rock, to our momentous journey with approximate 100 other cars, around the narrow, picturesque streets and the circumference of this historic British province, the car performed brilliantly, in extreme heat, added to a stop-start configuration, which I believe is both a credit to it's restoration, and also the description of the vehicle afforded by James, of "The Classic & Sportscar Centre".

We were welcomed in Gibraltar, by members of The Sol Classic Car club, many ex-pats etc, when we immediately decided, Southern Spain would be the place to leave our treasured possession, enjoying its ideally suited open top motoring capabilities, to where it remains today.

Since this event, we have enjoyed many, many, rallies, tours, events, exhibition's etc, covering many hundreds of pleasure filled miles this past 17 months or so, without a single problem experienced, and not even a pint of oil used! In fact, our second event with this classic car club, saw the E type take "Best in Show" award, to the amazement of another ex -pat E type owner, who had owned his car since new! (Mind you, the first prize of a bottle of sumptuous expensive Rioja wine, still did not make it up to my wife for her wet, and ruined dress)

This coming weekend, we are flying down, to yet again take part in a classic car 4 day event, which takes us through the beautiful Spanish National park regions, to Ronda, Jerez, Carmona and many other picturesque towns and villages, staying in restored 16th century Palace's and historic buildings, where our E type will no doubt be a credit amongst the other classics in attendance, to both its manufacturer, Jaguar Cars Ltd., and last but not least, its supplier to myself, The Classic & Sportscar Centre", of Yorkshire.

I would also inform, the wives, or partner's of future, prospective, open top classic motor cars, I have now invested in a set of purpose made, fitted, shaped, suitcases for the E type, which will be used on the coming 4 day event at southern Spain. (Whether or not they will be waterproof is another question, especially as my betrothed was horrified when she saw the bill, who still awaits refund of the dress in question!).

Since purchase of the E type, my wench and I have made many journey's north, over the dangers of Offa's Dyke, viewing, sometimes buying, the ware's of these English Traders, so, am I a satisfied customer?

Finally, I would apologise for the length of this testimonial, to both Nick and young James, together with all customers, past and present, who may be bothered to read it in the first place, and assure all, as most Welsh males say, "IT WAS FROM THE HEART".

Mr Neville Padfield. South Wales.

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