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It's our 20th Birthday!

Published: 4-Apr-11

April 4th 1991 was the date of incorporation of our company, previously known as Grundy Mack.

We began trading at the height of the last recession, and we're busy trading through another. As long as there are men and women with a love of nostalgia and old cars, there will always be a business in buying and selling them. But it's been much more than a business - more a way of life.

1990 was my last year as a Jaguar - Land Rover dealer principal. A 35 year old successful company director, always as good as his last month's figures and living in the pressure cooker of the  volume car retailing business, what a relief it was to just resign and start thinking about something new.

I spent much of 1991 working with my brother Paul who already had his own successful financial services company in London. We decided to start an automotive based business together and at first we were helping companies dispose of their surplus luxury cars, many of them becoming available because their bosses were being laid off.  I remember buying our first Bentley Turbo R, in the half- light of an underground car park in Saville Row. The very unhappy Director whose car it had been parked it so tightly between two pillars it took me over half an hour to get it out!

I remember some of the early cars, a '65 Corvette Stingray, a brace of Colorado red Austin Healey 3000s and Sir Leonard Lord's  (former chairman of BMC) 1954 Austin-Healy 100/4. Memorable cars from memorable days, when sometimes my children would come with me to deliver cars in Banff or Galway or some other distant place. Twenty years on and our days are still adventures, and our customers are some of the most pleasant folk you'd wish to meet.

We still don't really sell these cars, we just find some good ones and help people buy them.  Now James, once the little eight year-old, wide-eyed with awe at some of the cars we drove, is in the driving seat of the business himself - and in many ways he's better at in that his Dad. There's nothing like the energy and enthusiasm of youth!

So as we celebrate 20 years in business, here's to another 20 years!

Nick Szkiler


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