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2009 Jaguar C Type Recreation

We are delighted to offer this magnificent Jaguar C Type onto the market. This car has been built with incredible attention to detail and the engineering work has been completely first class. The car was completed in 2009, has covered just 2000 miles and presents as a one year old car. TLZ 1193 was built by what appears to be a master craftsman, our opinion on that is not only from the condition and quality of the vehicle, but the superbly logged photo record of the build that goes into great detail.

The C Type was built with a Realm body but during build any inaccuracies were corrected and further modifications put in place. For example, further structural work was carried out to prevent stress breakages and the body made to look as authentic as possible. Major work went into designing the dashboard and cockpit to match a genuine famous racing C Type and this has helped create a magnificent interior finish. The dashboard and instrument panel was designed out of card as a template, then made in aluminium and all gauges fitted with careful attention to even ensure the rev counter works anti clock wise as an original C Type would. A Jaguar 4.2 litre engine was mated to a five speed SD1 gearbox, an aluminium 13.25 gallon fuel tank fitted, the gearbox tunnel was designed and fabricated to look totally correct and the history file also creates a manual to inform future owners how to remove it should anyone need access to the gearbox. The new body was modified in order to look like a genuine C Type, again major work and attention to detail was required in order to achieve such a special standard. Photos show the radiator grille under construction, then fitted to the car and seats were made to match the originals.

The file confirms this car was built based on the Jaguar C Type featured in the book, 'Jaguar - An illustrated history of the most elegant car in the World' and we can confirm this example is in outstanding condition throughout. TLZ 1193 is impressive in every respect, paintwork is first class, the body perfect, the engine bay and underside superb. The interior is truly outstanding and the quality of the finish is top class. On the road TLZ 1193 doesn't disappoint either with its impressive, high performance from the 4.2 litre six cylinder Jaguar unit. This is a quick car, acceleration is impressive and the five speed gearbox hugely enhances the car and makes it ideal for longer distance touring. Having only covered 2000 miles or so since build, the mechanical condition is fabulous with superb brakes, steering and suspension. The C Type has a wonderful exhaust note and is a very exciting car to drive and own. One couldn't be built to this standard for anywhere near our asking price, due to the careful and diligent approach taken with such meticulous attention to detail, we would expect build cost to this standard to be colossal.

Price: £SOLD