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1967 Jaguar E-Type Series 1.5 4.2 Roadster

PMF 3F is an original UK supplied Jaguar E-Type Series 1.5 Roadster first registered on the 15th November 1967. Still retaining its original registration mark, this E-Type has a superb straight body with excellent panel gaps. Paintwork and chrome are of a very high standard and the E-Type looks exceptional with a smart set of chrome wire wheels with white wall tyres. The E-Type has an impressive under bonnet area with perfect bulkhead and frame clearly showing the car has benefitted from substantial restoration work which we believe was carried out in the early 1990's.

Since 1990, the E-Type has only covered 12,000 miles. This excellent, tight driving example has superb performance and holds correct oil pressure. The gearbox feels superb with good syncro's and the strong engine sounds and performs exactly as it should. Both front and rear suspension look very recent and the car brakes efficiently. Overall, this is a top class driving E-Type that comes with seventeen MOT certificates dating back to 1990 showing the car has had very light use. From the condition of the body and underside, it is clear the E-Type has not been used in poor weather conditions.

The interior is clean with good leather, a smart dashboard and carpets. Whilst not a brand new interior, it is tidy and presentable but not without the odd mark or imperfection. The hood is brand new and the boot area very nice and clean.

Price: £SOLD