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1967 Jaguar E-Type Series 1.5 FHC

This superbly rebuilt and top class driving Jaguar E-Type was manufactured on the 25th September 1967 and supplied new by Jaguar Cars New York. Between 1977-1988 the E-Type was with one owner in the Bremerton area of Washington who kept a detailed mileage and maintenance log. During the eleven years of ownership he covered 20,000 miles and spent thousands of dollars on regular servicing and general upkeep and repairs. The mileage has been logged in a note book that also records date, gallons of fuel used and cost. Major work within this period included an engine overhaul to include rebuilt cylinder head and new main bearings, rings and oil pump. There are records for new ball joints, wheel bearings, clutch slave and master cylinders and general servicing. In 1981 the E-Type was repainted and some re-chroming was carried out. The car was used on a regular basis throughout ownership and was sold in 1988, a year prior to being shipped over to the UK.

In 1989 the E-Type was brought into the UK in very solid condition, useable condition, The E-Type was converted to right hand drive and used regularly throughout the 1990's ahead of a comprehensive restoration between 2003 - 2006. From UK registration in October 1989 to 2003, the E-Type covered 14,000 miles and was well maintained throughout this period with receipts adding to over £4000. Work included a lead free, rebuilt cylinder head by VSE, new shock absorbers, rebuilt differential and new brake servo. In 2003, still in good useable condition the E-Type was subject of a light restoration that included the body being stripped down and re-painted and built up with all new rubbers. The engine was stripped and rebuilt with new pistons, main and big end best bearings, crankshaft regrind and new timing chains. The clutch was replaced, a new manifold and stainless steel exhaust fitted along with uprated 4 pot calipers, new discs, new steering rack and new ball joints. We have photographs of the work and receipts for over £6,000 of parts from various Jaguar suppliers to the owner commissioning the work, a Scottish architect. Since this work, the E-Type has covered 8,500 miles. 

The car has a very honest feel to it in that it is still in its original colour combination and it has a nicely aged upholstery. Whilst carpets and sill covers have been replaced, the leather has an original look to it and the interior looks and feels like a good, useable classic car should. The bodyshell is excellent with lovely shut lines, panel gaps and the underside is exceptionally clean and smart. The paintwork has nicely aged with a deep finish and chrome work including chrome wire wheels is very good. On the road this E-Type is very impressive and is outstanding to drive. The engine runs superbly with excellent oil pressure and is strong, fit and healthy offering fantastic performance. The all syncro gearbox is faultless and the steering, brakes and suspension are excellent. WGC 230F feels superb and is ideal for regular use and long distance touring. It has a history of being used regularly and is a correct, straight, tight driving example that will impress and should compete in terms of driving experience with the £100k plus E-Types.

Testimonial from new owner...

"Here it is on a recent rally to Andorra. Always a joy to do business with Classic and Sports cars after 9 years of buying and selling." FULL testimonial here

Price: £SOLD