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1962 Jaguar E-Type Series I 3.8 FHC

This outstanding early FHC was manufactured on 2nd February 1962. The car came from Jaguar Distributors Leeds and was sold new by Ross Brothers Limited of Ilkley. 228 AWR was sold new to a Limited Company in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. A Heritage Certificate confirming all details is with the car.

228 AWR was fully rebuilt from 24th May 1990 to the 26th April 1991. A photo record and log has been kept with the car detailing over 1200 hours of labour. Body panels were bought new from Martin Robey and the log indicates how thorough and meticulous the restorer has been. Besides a total body restoration, a full mechanical overhaul to include engine and gearbox rebuild was carried out. A full list of all new body parts, engine and gearbox parts are with the history. 

The E-Type has several modifications and upgrades including Coopercraft brakes, full Stainless Steel exhaust system, all synco gearbox and later, more comfortable seats. Recently the clutch and all rubbers have been replaced.

288 AWR is presented in excellent condition and would not be disgraced in any show. The bodywork and paint are excellent and have a nicely aged look. The body panels are straight and have no evidence of rust. The chrome work is bright and the underneath is exceptional in that it is still body colour. The interior is very smart and requires no improvements. The engine was painted and detailed at the time of restoration. The entire engine bay area is very clean and highly presented.

The E-Type has a recorded mileage of less than 70,000 miles. Once the restoration was complete, the mileage recorded was 66,011 so we can see the car has only covered around 4,000 miles since restoration. Whilst we cannot guarantee the overall mileage is genuine, MOT certificates do date back to 1977 when the mileage was 60,342. 

On the road, 228 AWR is top class. The engine is outstanding with high oil pressure. The all syncro gearbox is a delight to use and the ride and handling is first class. 228 AWR has to be one of the most pleasurable driving E-Type's we have come across. The performance is quite superb and the car feels like it really wants to be driven. 228 AWR can be used for long distance touring or can continue to be the beautiful toy in the garage that can be used in good weather. This car has rarely seen the wet and is remarkably clean as a result.

Price: £SOLD