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1962 Jaguar E-Type Series I 3.8 Roadster

8877 WD was first registered on the 8th February 1962. This matching engine and chassis number E-Type Series One Roadster was supplied new to silver makers Henry Griffith and Sons Limited, registered at their Warwickshire address. In 1964 ownership was transferred and the E-Type was kept in South West London throughout the 1960's and 1970's. 8877 WD was the 389th Roadster manufactured and according to the E-Type register, it was within the first 30 registered E-Type's 'surviving' in 1984.

Between 1977 and 1980, the E-Type was owned by a London publican (The Butchers Arms) and the car was in a very poor mechanical condition. In 1980 the E-Type was sold in need of a mechanical restoration to a former Browns Lane Jaguar employee. The E-Type was then treated to a full mechanical rebuild and then taken on the Continent for a 2000 mile trip for the owners honeymoon that included touring Italy and Switzerland. Due to the arrival of an infant, the E-Type had to be sold in 1982. Now mechanically exceptional, the E-Type was treated to a full body restoration from September 1982 to April 1984. A comprehensive photographic record shows the extent of the restoration which included a full strip down to bare metal and sandblasting. Since restoration, the E-Type has covered in the region of 20,000 miles.

The last owner bought this stunning E-Type in 2002 and since then has spent in excess of £10,000 on further mechanical improvements. In 2007, the engine was completely stripped and rebuilt to include a crank reground, rebore, new pistons, new timing chain and new big end and main bearings. The E-Type was also fitted with an all syncro four speed gearbox and other upgrades such as Coopercraft front brakes and the later 4.2 servo.

Today the E-Type presents well with a lovely older paint finish and an excellent, straight bodyshell. The chrome has aged well and the interior is remarkably clean and presentable. The hood is not recent but is in good order and chrome wire wheels are in excellent condition. This early Series One car offers great value and comes with five files of history going as far back as the original brown 'buff' logbook issued in 1962.

Price: £SOLD