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1966 Jaguar E-Type Series I 4.2 FHC

We are delighted to offer this truly outstanding matching numbers Series One 4.2 E-Type FHC onto the market. We last sold this top class example in 2011 and since then it has had very occasional good weather use and top quality maintenance. XMB 934E has an outstanding rust free bodyshell, an extremely high quality upholstery and is wonderful to drive having only covered 5000 miles since a top class three year restoration between 1991 and 1994. This is a car of real quality and is arguably the ultimate E-Type model for both looks and road performance. Whether purchased as a blue chip investment or for some serious classic car touring, this is a very special car and is certainly one for the discerning buyer.

XMB 934E was manufactured on the 23rd September 1966 and was supplied new by Jaguar Cars, New Jersey. Some US history and correspondence is with the car suggesting the mileage of 25000 when brought to the UK was correct. From 1991 to 1994 the car was subject of a complete nut and bolt rebuild to the highest of standards with a photo record of the work with the vehicles history. Invoices also accompany the car including detail of re-conditioning of the original engine. The car was taken back to the bare shell and it was then superbly rebuilt and fully re-painted inside and outside including underneath. The E-Type was built up with new chrome, converted to right hand drive and re-fitted with rebuilt and overhauled mechanical components. The inside of the car was then fully re-trimmed by Jaguar specialists with top quality leather and carpets. The trim today 25 years on is still magnificent with a high quality, no expense spared feel to it.

Having covered very little mileage from 1994 to 2007, the car was sold to a Jaguar enthusiast who has become a long standing customer and friend of ours. He searched the country for the very best Series One he could find and settled for this car having had the body checked carefully with absolutely no rust reported. Several leading Jaguar experts checked the car over on initial purchase and then £16000 was spent on upgrades and some mechanical work that was required due to the time spent unused and garaged. Upgrades included electronic ignition, a high torque starter motor, electronic fuel pump, upgraded brake servo, Zeus four pot calipers with vented discs, stainless steel exhaust system, upgraded cooling fan and rebuilt suspension including new shocks. Further work included new coolant hoses, rear brake pistons, new wheel bearings, new splined hubs all round, various new seals, new brake master cylinder, new throttle linkage, new wiring loom, various new chrome items, engine mountings, the list goes on but money was well spent to ensure the car was finished to the very highest of standards.

Having owned the car for four years, we then collected it from Worcestershire and sold it to the last owner who has cherished it for the past seven years. In this time the Jaguar has covered less than 1000 miles and has been part of a stunning four E-Type collection. XMB 934E was certainly the best of the four and therefore used the least but it was MOT tested each year and used only in dry weather. Seven years on and the car returns to us exactly as it left, if not slightly improved through some more diligent maintenance. This car has everything to offer, it's striking with a fabulous deep paint finish, gleaming chrome and of course the top class bodyshell. The interior is still outstanding and the engine bay fabulous and nicely detailed. On the road there is no disappointment with lots of power and impressive performance from its original 4.2 unit that holds excellent oil pressure and has only covered 5000 miles since re-conditioning, the all syncro gearbox is slick and perfect to use, the uprated brakes are fabulous and handling is brilliant fun. The underneath is immaculate and the car stands out with a strong presence. Not only does it look the part, it has to be one of our all time favourite E-Type's, they are not easy to find like this and it has everything from matching numbers to all the right upgrades to make it the ultimate driving Series One E-Type.


Price: £SOLD