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Price: £49,995

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1967 Jaguar E-Type Series I 4.2 Roadster

This stunning Primrose Yellow E-Type originally came to us last year having been with its owner for eleven years. The car returns with a further 2,000 miles recorded and has benefitted from some detailing work. This Series One car was imported from the U,S.A in 1989, converted to RHD and fully rebuilt including a brand new bonnet. Photographs of the rebuild are with the history file.

Many years on since the rebuild, HFX 45E still has excellent paintwork and a clean, bright underneath. The body was restored exceptionally well and this is still evident today. The under bonnet area is beautifully presented and the general appearance of the car is excellent throughout. The interior has been re-trimmed and as the car has covered around 5,500 miles since 1989, the condition is still excellent. This Jaguar has not been kept off the road, very little mileage has been covered each year with twenty MOT certificates keeping record of this low use. 

Mechanically this E-Type is sound with good oil pressure and no overheating problems. The car drives particularly well and handles superbly. The engine pulls incredibly well and is very strong giving fantastic performance. More recent expenditure includes work to the front suspension, steering and brake overhaul. 

An outstanding Series One E-Type.


Price: £49,995