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Price: £49,995

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1969 Jaguar E-Type Series II 4.2 2+2

This beautifully presented, lovely driving and excellent value matching numbers Jaguar E-Type comes with history back to new from 1969. Previously sold by us to the last owner in Whitley Bay back in 2012, this Jaguar E-Type Series II 4.2 2+2 was supplied new by Angelo's Motor Sales in Trenton, New Jersey. The E-Type was delivered on the 9th February 1969 and we are delighted to have the original passport to service book with stamped warranty card and maintenance information specifically in 1973. During the mid 1970's the E-Type moved to Charlotte, North Carolina and we have maintenance and services invoices throughout the 1980's. The car was then exported from North Carolina to the UK in 1989 and we have the Certificate of Title from the U.S.A.

On arrival in the UK the E-Type was registered and rebuilt at a cost of £22,000 by a County Durham dealership. The bodyshell was stripped to bare metal and painted in Jaguar Carmen Red.  Mechanically the E-Type had substantial work which included checking the engine and rebuilding the top end with new valves and guides and it was treated to a brand new clutch. Further work included new engine mountings, new steering rack, mountings and track rod ends, anti-roll bar bushes, top and bottom wishbone bushes, front shock absorbers, front flexi brake pipes and brake pads, new brake pipes front to back, new rear subframe mountings, rear anti-roll bar bushes, swinging arm bearings and rear shock absorbers.  A new exhaust system was fitted and a re-conditioned alternator, wiper motor and heater motor fitted. The interior was completely re-trimmed to original specification with hide seats. All new door and windscreens seals were replaced and some of the bright work replaced.

During the 1990's the E-Type was in the York area and invoices from the local Jaguar main dealer are with the car demonstrating maintenance with no expense spared. In 2000 the Jaguar was sold to a new owner in Scotland and invoices for substantial expenditure are with the car from this period. From 2008 to 2012 over £2000 was spent on new Gaz shock absorbers, a new radiator fan, brake calliper pistons, wheel bearings and gearbox bearings, syncro set and oil seals. According to MOT certificates dating back to 1989, the E-Type had only covered 4500 miles up to 2012 since coming into the country.

In eight years with its most recent owner, the E-Type has covered a further 4500 miles and in 2016 was subject of an under bonnet refurbishment program that cost in the region of £9000. The bonnet was removed, all engine and under bonnet ancillaries were removed, the engine and gearbox removed and the front suspension dis-assembled. The engine was stripped to the bare block and head and the starter motor, alternator, carburettors, inlet manifold, cam covers, radiator, hoses, jubilee clips, manifolds and air boxes either re-conditioned, replaced or detailed. The engine was cleaned, painted and detailed and the bare bulk head and space frame fully prepared and re-painted to ensure a show standard engine bay. The suspension and braking system were rebuilt/re-fitted to the car with new parts/re-conditioning to include steering rack, torsion bars, shockers and springs, brake calipers and hubs. In 2019 a further £800 was spent on servicing and maintenance.

The E-Type returns to us eight years on as a much improved car presenting incredibly well with a lovely straight body with smart paintwork still retaining a deep shine, bright chrome and now an exceptional, first class engine bay. The Beige leather upholstery has delightfully aged and is lovely throughout and the car drives superbly with an excellent strong fit engine holding impressive oil pressure. The E-Type is smooth, powerful, is particularly quiet and handles, steers and brakes superbly having had the more recent front-end refurbishment work. This is a superb opportunity to purchase a fabulous, tight driving E-Type ideal and capable of long distance touring that's priced very sensibly.

Price: £49,995